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The assassins TTV 1990

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In this series made with four different stories, Adam Cheng portrays four assassins of Chinese history. As everybody can guess, there is no happy ending in this seriesâ?¦

Story 1 : Jing Ke

Coming form the Wei kingdom, Jing Ke arrives in the Yan kingdom, where he saves a young vagabond from soldiers, and the young boy follows him everywhere, calling him master or uncle. They meet a swordsman called Ko (or Kou, the sound was very bad and I didnâ??t clearly hear his name), who wants to challenge Jing Ke, but this latter doesnâ??t want to fight and Kou discovers that he brings a wooden sword (if Iâ??m not mistaken, the quality of the print wasnâ??t very good eitherâ?¦). Jing Ke travels to find a swords maker and before finding him, he meets his student, Yuen, who finally leads him to his master. There, the old man makes a good sword for Jing Ke and this latter leaves the young vagabond and goes to a place where he meets another swordsman and a woman playing drums. From what I heard, the swordsman is a disciple of the same master as Jing Ke, because he calls Jing Ke â?? san di â?? (third disciple, if Iâ??m not mistaken ) and they quarrel about their first â?? brother â? and they finally fight and itâ??s the woman who badly hurts the swordsman and pushes Jing Ke to kill him.

Later, jing Ke arrives in the Yan kingdom with Yuen, who has left his master, and Jing Ke stops a man called Ouyang from killing a horse seller with whom he was quarrelling and they meet Ouyangâ??s sister, called Ping Ping, who is an old friend of Yuen. When he sees how much strong is Jing Ke, an old man tries to make him working for him, but as Jing Ke doesnâ??t seem to be ready for that, with the help of another old man (both are ministers or something like that in the Yan kingdom), they more or less trap him by making him believ that Ouyang will be executed. Jing Ke meets another swordsman called Kao and they become friends and Jign Ke decides to leave the Yan kingdom in order to go to the Qin kingdom.

When he arrives, Ying Zhengâ??s spy (Ying Zheng is the Qin emperor) are already aware of his arrival and a general makes a fake attack in order to approach him and they become friends and later, he brings Jing Ke to a house of pleasures where he meets the boss and becomes her friend.

Later, he is enrolled in Ying Zhengâ??s army and he discovers that the inheritor of the Yan kigdom, Tai Ze, is prisoner (as a hostage offered by his father in order to get the peace between the two kingdoms, from what I read on a forum) and is humiliated by Ying Zheng every day, and he decides to helps him to escape from the Qin kingdom (I think that itâ??s the mission the two old men of the Yan kigdom has asked him for). With the help of a woman Tai Ze loves, Fan Yi Nang, Jing Ke manages to help him and his best friend (or the second prince, if I heard well) to escape and he returns to the palace in order to help Yi Nang to escape too, while the boss of the club has been captured by Ying Zheng, who has fallen for her.

During their journey to return to the Yan kingdom, Jing Ke and Yi Nang fall for each other and they meet Kou, who wants to fight again with Jing Ke. This latter finale accepts the duel, but they fight with bamboo instead of swords and they become good friends and Jing Ke even ssaves Kouâ??s life who was poisoned by the Qin general. This latter accepts to give the antidote to Jing Ke only if this latter agrees to fight with him, and during the duel, the general is killed.

Jing Ke and Yi Nang finally reach the Yan kingdom and Tai Ze is jealous because he sees that the two of them are in love. The second prince wants to marry Ping Ping, but she only loves Jing Ke and then, he goes to the inn and wants to marry one of the singers Shao Li, who is in love with Kao, and Yi Nang lures him with a woman who looks like Shao Li, and he is furious when he discovers that he has been cheated.

Later, Tai Ze tells Jing Ke that he wants to kill Ying Zheng and after some thoughts, Jing Ke tells him that he is ready to help him, but it will be difficult to approach the Qin emperor, since he is very well guarded, and that he wants the head of a former general of his, Fan Wuji, who is no one else that Yi Nangâ??s father. Jing Ke goes to see him and explains him what Tai Ze wants, and the old man tells him that he is tired and goes to his room, but actually, he goes to kill himself and when Jing Ke arrives, he tells him that it was the best thing to do in order that he can accomplish his mission.

Then, Yi Nang wants to kill Jing Ke because she believes that itâ??s him who killed her father, but she loves him so much that she canâ??t do it and that she only cut his hair with her sword and they finally reunite.

Ouyang saves a woman (Cin Cin) who was attacked by two men and they fall for each other, but he doesnâ??t know that she is actually a spy for the Qin empire. When Yuen discovers that, he wants to tell Ping Ping about it, but he prefers to be sure, but unfortunately, he is killed by the spies who meet Cin Cin and Ouyang and the others are devastated by Yuenâ??s death.

Kao has a secret fabric of weapons hidden under the club, and the spy discovers it and he and his men go there and kill everybody and try to kidnap Shao Li. This latter is protected by Yi Nang, but he is very strong and when Kao and Jing Ke arrive in order to help the two women, the spy kills and Shao Li and escapes while Yi Nang is hurt.

Later, Kao and Jing Ke find the spies and they kill them.

Together with Yi Nang, Jing Ke return to see the swords maker in order that he makes a weapon that heâ??ll be able to hide in a scrolling map in order to kill Ying Zheng. During their journey, they meet again Kou, who agrees to help Jing Ke to kill the Qin emperor and they choose a date to meet again, but unfortunately, Kou is killed by treachery during a duel and itâ??s Ouyang who is chosen to replace him. When this latter discovers that his wife is a spy, he wants her to kill him, but she kills herself instead and he is devastated. He tells everybody that he isnâ??t afraid of his mission, but itâ??s all the contrary.

The second prince has asked a chemist to put poison on the weapon that Jing Ke will use, and he gives this latter a poisoned pill in case of the mission would fail.

Finally, Jing Ke and Ouyang arrive in the Qin kingdom and they are kept prisoners in a room without any food nor water during several days. The boo of the club has now become the queen and she is pregnant, and we discover that Cin Cin has faked her death, and that she is the maid of the queen. This latter tries to help Jing Ke, giving him a jade pendant (maybe something who could have helped him to leave the country after his mission) through the maid who finally brings some food to the two men.

Ying Zheng is happy to discover Fan Wujiâ??s head and Jing Ke scrolls the map little by little and when he arrives at the end, he takes the weapon and jumps to kill the king, but unfortunately, during the fight, he receives an object on his head and is hurt, which allows Ying Zheng to use his sword, while Jing ke is pushed against a pillar by the soldiers. Ying Zheng is so cruel that he doesnâ??t hesitate to kill his own soldiers just in order to get Jing Ke, but this latter has already eaten the poisoned pill and he just kills a dead corpseâ?¦

Story 2 : Zhuan Zhu

Zhuan Zhu is a very strong villager who lives with his mother and has a good friend called Hu, and they sell meat in the street. One day, Zhuan Zhu learns that his mother plans to marry him and he disagrees with that and escapes. Then, his mother makes Hu believe that she is dying by sadness and Hu goes to search Zhuan Zhu. Believing that his mother is dead, this latter runs to the house and he hurts a woman who is no one else than the girl he must marry, Ling (or Ying, I didnâ??t hear clearly). They are immediately married and Zhuan Zhu still doesnâ??t want his wife and humiliates her and becomes drunk.

One day,Hu and Zhuan Zhu save a swordsman called Wu Jixü (if I heard well) who later helps them to get rid of bandits who had kidnapped the women of the village, including Zhuan Zhuâ??s mother, and this latter and Wu become blood brothers. Wu Jixü has decided to work for Prince Guang and he asks Zhuan Zhu to go with him. Zhuan Zhu hesitates, but finally agrees and they go to another town, where Zhuan Zhu meets two other swordsmen, one called Bai Bushen and the other one Bai Li Hui (or Kui, or Gui, I didnâ??t hear well) and they become friends after Zhuan Zhu has saved one of their menâ??s who had his leg prisoner of a heavy rock.

In this town, Zhuan Zhu meets a beautiful girl called Shize and this latterâ??s grandfather teaches him the â?? fisherman kung fu â?? and when Hu tells Zhuan Zhu that he has fallen for Shize, he doesnâ??t want to admit it and says that he only considers her as his sister, but when a young noble called Qing Zi seems to be interested in the girl, he becomes jealous and they even fight to win the marriage ribbon. Qing Zi uses a trick to win it and Zhuan Zhu protests, but his wife has come in the village and when she saw that, she escapes and Shize is furious to discover that Zhuan Zhu is married.

Zhuan Zhu returns at home completely drunk and he is furious because his wife doesnâ??t even show any anger against him. When he awakes, she isnâ??t here anymore and he goes to search her and he saves her from being badly hurt by a cart, and then, he realizes that he loves her and they take a shelter from the rain in an abandoned temple and Zhuan Zhu begins to swear that heâ??ll never cheat his wife, but she stops him. When she sees that Zhuan Zhu is with his wife, Shize is furious and she begins to date Qing Zi in order to make Zhuan Zhu jealous, but he doesnâ??t want to see her anymore.

Later Hu meets a young girl and her parents while he was looking for Zhuan Zhu and he saves her from being hurt by a snake. He and Zhuan Zhu eat with the family and they go to Zhuan Zhuâ??s house, but when they return to the girlâ??s house, they find that the parents have been murdered and the girl is hurt, and they find a piece of black clothe in the fatherâ??s hand. When Zhuan Zhu sees that a piece of Bai Bushenâ??s belt is missing, he is convinced that itâ??s him who killed the girlâ??s parents and he wants to kill him, but Bai Bushen shows him that he has the missing piece with him and that he cannot be the murderer.

Then, the two Bai decide to protect Hu and his loved one, together with Zhuan Zhu and his wife and during the lantern festival, the two couples decide to go for a walk in the streets but they separate and Hu and his girl chase a masked man who finally kills them, but before dying, Hu has torn the mask and has recognized Bai Li Hui and when Zhuan Zhu arrives, he has just the time to tell him the word Bai before dying, so, once again, Zhuan Zhu is convinced that itâ??s Bai Bushen the murderer and Bai Li Hui arrives and tells him that he must be right, of course.

So, the two of them go to ask Prince Guang to punish Bai Bushen (the prince and Bai Li Hui has plot in order that everybody believes that he really is guilty and have even paid a fake witness), but this latter says that he is innocent and he tries to escape and he falls from a cliff and everybody thinks that he is dead.

Later, Wu Jixü meets an old man who tells him that he is looking for Bai Bushen, who was supposed to visit him the same day the couple has been killed (if I understood well) and he begins to have doubts regarding Bai Bushenâ??s culpability. Later, Wu helps a beggar and recognizes a former servant (or guard) of his (I think so, since the guy calls him â?? shao yeâ?) and he brings him to the palace and helps him. He then discovers that Bai Li Hui is a spy for Prince Guang and that this latter has ordered him to kill a minister who had disagreed with him.

After a last attempt to try to get Zhuan Zhuâ??s love, Shize agrees to marry Qing Zi and this latterâ??s father sends men to beat Zhuan Zhu. He is saved by Wu Jixü and they think that itâ??s Qing Zi who ordered this and Zhuan Zhu hurries to stop the marriage and tell the truth to Shize, who escapes with them.

Later, Bai Bushen reappears and meets Ling and asks her to bring him to Zhuan Zhu and this latter still believes that he is Huâ??s murderer, but Bai Bushen tells him that it might be Bai Li Hui, since he is also called Bai and the two men capture Bai Li Hui and decide to bring him to the prince, but he succeeds in escaping and he goes to see the prince in order that he helps him. Itâ??s only due to Wu Jixü and his friendâ??s help that Bai Li Hui is finally unmasked and the prince orders that he is poisoned because he has no other choice if he doesnâ??t want that everybody knows how low he is. However, he decides to take revenge on Bai Bushen and this latter is killed in trying to protect Zhuan Zhu, his mother, his wife and Shize.

After other twists in the plot, Zhuan Zhu and Ling are in a town and they go for a walk in the forest, and when they return, they discover that Qing Ziâ??s father (who is the king of Liao, is I heard well) has ordered his men to slaughter the whole village and Wu Jixü is sent by Prince Guang (who wants the Liao kingdom, if I understood well) to kill him, but Zhuan Zhu stops him because he would have been killed and then, Wu asks Zhuan Zhu to kill the king of Liao, but Zhuan Zhu doesnâ??t want to because he doesnâ??t want that anything bad happens to his mother and the two women he loves and he tells the same thing to Prince Guang who also comes to ask him for the same thing.

When she hears that, Zhuan Zhuâ??s mother kills herself in order that her son can accomplish his mission and he leaves for the town and leaves his two loves at home and Shize learns that Ling is pregnant but she didnâ??t tell it to her husband in order that he can fulfill his mission.

The king of Liao has invited Prince Guang to a banquet (or vice versa, I didnâ??t understood well) and during the banquet, Guang makes everybody believe that he has a headache and he leaves the banquet, while Zhuan Zhu arrives with a big fish in which he has hidden the sword Guang has given to him when he visited him at home in order to ask him to kill the King of Liao. Then, Zhuan Zhu uses the sword and succeeds in killing the king, while Shize arrives disguised as a guard and tries to help him to escape, but she is hurt and when he sees that, Zhuan Zhu is distracted and he is also hurt and both of them die after taking each otherâ??s hand. Then, Prince Guang arrives and takes the kingdom without any sadness for what has happenedâ?¦

Story3 : Nie Zhe

Nie Zhe lives with his mother, his sister Nie Rong and her fiancé in the kingdom of Wei. One day, his future brother-in-law sends him to his master (who is a kind of Beggar So who likes drinking a lot) who himself sends him to a master of martial arts who teaches him other martial arts than the ones he knows.

When he returns at home, Nie Zhe goes to the quarry where his brother-in-law works and he helps an old man hurt by a heavy carved stone and he meets this latterâ??s daughter, Jie Shu and itâ??s love at first sight for the two of them.

As the workers are mistreated by the director of the quarry, they revolt and ask Nie Zhe to talk in their name to the director. When he sees that Nie Zhe is more intelligent than the workers and that he wonâ??t be as gullible as them, the director asks his men to get rid of him and they pay one of the workers to sabotage Nie Zheâ??s brother-in-law work, and this latter is put in jail.

As Jie Shuâ??s father finds that itâ??s a worker who is responsible of his friend imprisonment, he is killed by the soldiers, as well as the worker, and Jie Shu is welcomed in Nie Zheâ??s family as this latterâ??s motherâ??s god-daughter.

When Nie Zhe goes in order to plead for his brother-in-law, he learns that his friend risks to be killed and the directorâ??s men try to bribe him in order that he doesnâ??t side with the workers, but he finds out the truth and he fights with the soldiers who guard the quarry and, as he is very strong, he accidentally kills the director of the quarry and he has to escape with his whole family.

At the beginning of the series, Nie Zhe has met a noble called Yan Zhong (if I heard well) and they became blood brothers, and he also met a young man using a whip to fight and they became friends too. Yan Zhong has a friend called Xia Lei, who is also a noble.

After several highs and lows, Nie Zhe and his family finally find a house in another town (and maybe country, Iâ??m not sure) and Nie Zhe works in the town, selling animals skin, or food.

Meanwhile, Xia Lei decides to become a high minister in the Han kingdom (if Iâ??m not mistaken) and he uses all means to succeed and he finally gets what he wants. He is so low that he even gives his own daughter to the Han king in order to get a high position. When his friend Yan Zhong goes to see him, he doesnâ??t want to see him and he despises him. Yan Zhong is very disappointed but he succeeds in being welcomed by the Han king. Xia Lei is so furious that he asks his men to get rid of him and they plot to make the Han king believe that Yan Zhong is a spy of the Wei kingdom, so, Yan Zhong is arrested and he is saved by his men. He then gets mad after Xia Lei and he decides to ask for Nie Zheâ??s help in order to get revenge on Xia Lei.

He offers a lot of money to Nie Zheâ??s mother, but she has understood that he wants something from her son and the chases him and asks Nie Zhe to promise her that he wonâ??t go to the Han kingdom in order to fulfill Yan Zhongâ??s demand and he promises that heâ??ll only help his blood brother after her death.

When he learns that, Yan Zhong doesnâ??t hesitate to send men in order to kill Nie Zhe and make him believe that itâ??s Xia Lei who sent the assassins. Nie Zhe runs to his house and discovers that his mother has been murdered and Jie Shu hurt and he swears that heâ??ll kill Xia Lei in order to get revenge for his motherâ??s death.

Jie Shu is desperate and she doesnâ??t want that he leaves her and they finally become husband and wife and, if I understood well, she tells Nie Zhe that sheâ??ll let him go when sheâ??ll be sure that she is pregnant with his child. When this day comes, she prepares his clothes, his sword and his shoes and she leaves the house in order that he doesnâ??t see her crying when heâ??ll leave the house.

During his journey, Nie Zhe finds one of Yan Zhongâ??s men and this latter leads him to his master. When this latter knows that Nie Zhe has finally decided to help him and in order to convince him to really do it, he transforms himself as an old man with white hair and doesnâ??t hesitate to break his teeth and when he sees him, Nie Zhe is more and more furious against Xia Lei and he promises Yan Zhong that heâ??ll avenge him.

In the Han kingdom, Nie Zhe meets again with the whip fighter and the two of them go to kill Xia Lei and Nie Zhe literally cuts him in two pieces. In order that no one can recognize him, Nie Zhe disfigures himself after the murder and kills himself.

When she has learnt that both her brother and her sister-in-law have disappeared from their house, Nie Rong has understood that her brother has gone to the Han Kingdom and she leaves her baby and her husband in order to go there.

At the same moment Nie Zhe dies, she feels that he is dead and when she arrives in the town and sees his dead body hanged on a pillar, she cries and tell all the people around what is the whole story that lead her brother to become an assassin, and then she kills herself.

The â?? Beggar So â?? alike master comes to Nie Zheâ??s family grave and finds Jie Shu and he understands that she is his wife and he tells her to go with him and become his god-daughter.

Story 4 : Yü Rang

Yü Rang works as a soldier for the ministers Fan and Zhong in the Jin kingdom and he has a best friend called Tin Qi (if I understood well). As the two families despise him, he decides to leave the country, but Fanâ??s son chases him with his men in order to kill him. Among his men, there is Tin Qi.

Yü Rang takes shelter in the house of the woman who loves Tin Qi, Hui Hui, who lives there with her grandfather. As Yü Rang doesnâ??t want to go out, Fan tells him that he doesnâ??t go out, heâ??ll kill Tin Qi, so, Yü Rang goes out and Fan forces Tin Qi to fight with his best friend. The Prince Zhi comes and stops the fight and goes away with Yü Rang, who becomes his most important soldier, which provokes Minister Tianâ??s jealousy.

Zhiâ??s daughter Xiang Ling falls for Yü Rang, but he only thinks of being a good soldier for Prince Zhi. This latter decides to defeat Fan and Zhong and he allies with the kingdoms Han, Wei and Zhao and the two ministers are killed and Tin Qi escapes.

Xiang Ling is very jealous of the new wife of her father, Tie, and she doesnâ??t want to be kind with her, but when she falls ill and she discovers that itâ??s Ti who has taken care of her day and night, she finally becomes friend with her.

Later, during a banquet, Yü Rang finally meets Zhiâ??s wife and he discovers that she is his own wife he had lost ten years ago : during a duel, he had been badly hurt by a man who left a scar on his forehead and kidnapped his wife, who thought that her husband was dead.

During a walk in the forest with Zhi and some men, Tin Qi tries to kill Zhi and Yü Rang stops him and they fight. Ti Qiâ??s armour is suddenly broken and Yü Rang kills him by accident. He is so devastated to have killed his best friend that he falls ill and Xiang Ling cures him. When she hears that maybe Yü Rang wonâ??t recover, Tie goes to see him by night and when he discovers her, they cry in each otherâ??s arms and Zhi arrives very furious (Tieâ??s maid has told him what happened) and Minister Tian, (who was suspicious when he saw how Tie and Yü Rang had react when they met during the banquet) puts Yü Rang in jail, while Zhi beats his wife. This latter explains him that actually, she is Yü Rangâ??s wife and, after a discussion with an old minister who is Yü Rangâ??s friend, Zhi decides to give Tie back to Yü Rang and let them live together.

When she learns that, Xiang Ling is so furious that she leaves the palace and Yü Rang promises Zhi that heâ??ll bring his daughter back and he asks his servant Xiao Bai to take care of his wife.

During her journey, Xiang Ling (disguised as a man) meets Zhao Wang, who helps her when she is chased by bandits and while they are attacked, Yü Rang arrives and helps them and even saves Zhao Wangâ??s life, because he has been bitten by a snake. The two men finally become blood brothers and, while they are returning to Zhiâ??s palace with Xiang Ling, they are attacked by Minister Tianâ??s men, this latter having asked them to kill both Yü Rang and Xiang Ling. One of the two assassins is killed by Yü Rang, but the other is saved by Prince Zhaoâ??s men.

When they return to the palace, Xiang Ling discovers that her father has another wife, who is a courtesan he met thanks to Minister Tian, and that the second wife is pregnant and she becomes furious.

Zhi then decides to invade Zhao kingdom and he allies with Wei and Han kingdoms in order to succeed. Though Yü Rang doesnâ??t agree with his plans, as well as the old minister, Zhi listens to Minister Tianâ??s ideas and the old minister dies. Then, Yü Rang elaborates a strategy to win the war, he diverts the river in order that the town is destroyed by the flood during the storm.

Wei and Han kingdom then decide to ally with Zhao and Minister Tian, and they also divert the river, which lead to Zhi and his men being surrounded by the river. When he discovers that his allies have betrayed him, and when Minister Tian tells him that his wife is actually his mistress and that she is pregnant with his own baby, Zhi is furious and there is a fight, and he is decapitated by Zhao, who takes Zhiâ??s head as a cup for his wine.

Yü Rang succeeds in escaping and he hurries to the palace in order to save Xiang Ling and his wife, and they escape with Xiao Bai, but Xiang Lingâ??s maid, Xiao Yü, canâ??t follow them (Xiao Yü and Xiao Bai are in love).

Yü Rang and Xiao Bai swear to avenge Zhiâ??s death and they go to Zhaoâ??s palace and decapitate Minister Tian, but Yü Rang is hurt on the leg and they are prisoners. Zhao asks Yü Rang what he wants and Yü Rang tells him that he wants to avenge Zhiâ??s death because he is loyal to him. Zhaoâ??s elder son and his uncle want Zhao to kill the two prisoners, but Zhaoâ??s younger son, who is no one else than Zhao Wang, asks his father to let them go, because Yü Rang is his friend. Zhao agrees to let them go and Yü Rang asks him to give him both Minister Tian and Zhiâ??s heads and he leaves, together with Xiao Bai.

However, Zhaoâ??s elder son and his uncle take men and chase them in order to kill them. They are helped by a former officer of Zhi, but he is killed and fortunately, Zhao Wang arrives and tells his brother that if he wants to kill Yü Rang, heâ??ll have to kill him first and there is a fight. When he sees that his brother shoots an arrow to Yü Rang, he throws his sword. The sword cuts the arrow and kills his brother and then, the fight stops and both Wang and Yü Rang holds their dead friend and brother and separate with sadness.

Yü Rang, Xiang Ling, Tie and Xiao Bai go to another town and Xiang Ling is so desperate because she doesnâ??t have any family, that Tie asks Yü Rang to marry her and they both swear in front of Zhiâ??s funeral tablet that theyâ??ll give him a descendants (if I understood well).

Later, Xiao Bai and Tie meet with Xiao Yü and the two servants marry. Yü Rang still thinks of avenging Zhiâ??s death and Tie is desperate. Then Xiang Ling gives birth to a boy and Yü Rang and Xiao Bai then leave the house and ask Xiao Yü to take care of the two wives and the baby.

In order that Zhao doesnâ??t recognize him, Yü Rang asks Xiao Bai to cut his hair in order that he looks like a beggar, he rubs his face with some herbs that leave buttons and scars on his face and he asks Xiao Bai to return to his family and take care of them, while he begins to beg in the town. One day, he meets his two wives in the street and when Xiang Ling recognizes his voice, he escapes and swallows charcoal in order to transform his voice too and later, he goes to his house to beg some food and there is only Tie who recognizes him and is desperate when he leaves ; he also goes to Hui Huiâ??s house and she gives him some food, but she is not sure to have recognized him, while his grandfather knows who the beggar is.

Yü Rang also meets Zhao Wang, who finally recognizes him after heâ??s gone and he is desperate to see what his friend has become.

While he is taking a walk on a bridge, Zhao is attacked by Yü Rang and this latter has to fight with Zhao Wang, who begs him to give up his vengeance.

When he sees how faithful to Zhi Yü Rang is, Zhao hesitates to kill him and Yü Rang asks him to let him at least destroy his clothes with his sword before killing him. Zhao agrees and after cutting the coat with his sword, Yü Rang kills himself and Zhao falls ill and dies several days later.

I didnâ??t find many informations on Jing Ke, Zhuan Zhu, Nie Zhe and Yü Rang on the internet (only a few lines on each of them) and I donâ??t know how faithful to History this series is, but itâ??s a very good one. Jing Ke and Yü Rangâ??s stories are the most serious ones. There is a little bit of humour in Zhuan Zhu and Nie Zheâ??s stories and, in my opinion, these two ones are the most touching ones, showing how bad people have taken advantage on two naïve men by using their loyalty and righteousness in order to kill others.

I read somewhere that this series didnâ??t have a great audience and I really wonder why : Adam Chengâ??s performance is very good in this series and he succeeds in portraying four different characters without using the same way of acting, and each of them is endearing.

I donâ??t know who is the woman who sings the themes, but the songs are very good too, as well as the martial arts, though the fights are very quick so, itâ??s a little bit difficult to see all what happens, and sometimes they are short too, but itâ??s good fights.

I really enjoyed this series ; itâ??s just too bad that the quality print wasnâ??t very good, as well as the sound, and there was even an episode without any sound, but well, at least, I finally got it and I donâ??t regret it !!

Additional comment : I read somewhere that Nie Zhe's story was also told in the Shaw Brothers' movie The assassin, Wang Yu playing Adam's role in the movie and from what I remember, it's true since when I saw the scene with Nie Zhe's sister crying and telling everybody who the dead body was, it rang a bell in my mind...

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