Once upon a time in Shanghai TVB 1996

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Once upon a time in Shanghai TVB 1996

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:23 pm

Years ago, Adam was in love with a young girl and they had planned to go away together, but Adam never succeeded in reuniting with his lover because this latter's father had paid guys in order to beat him to death. A gambling master saved him, took care of him and teached him all what he knew.

Later, the gambling master is killed by a godfather (Poon Chi Man) and Adam promises him to avenge him and to take care of his son as if he was his own son. He defies Poon Chi Man in a game and he wins and Poon decides to take revenge.

Later, they meet again and Adam sees that his former lover is now among Poon's relatives. He tries to explain her why he never reunited with her, but she doesn't want to listen to him and she takes side with Poon.

Adam meets Carol Cheng, whose brother is a gambler who plays in Adam's gambling house and they become friends.

The gambling master's son falls in love with a young dancer of the club, who is married to a teenage, and he kills the young boy with Carol Cheng's brother as witness. So, later, he kills him and Carol believes that it's Adam who killed him but he succeeds in convincing her that he is not responsible.

Later, when she saves his life he finally realizes that he loves her and he gives his blood in order to save her.

He has also befriended a young man (Sunny Chan) who falls in love with Poon's daughter and begins to work for Poon with his friend. When he learns that Poon plans to kill Adam, he manages to save him several times with his friend's help, but he has to leave Shanghai because Poon wants to kill him and he goes to Hong Kong, where he meets the dancer who was in love with him (the same who was married to the young boy) and they finally marry and she is pregnant. Chan has also a friend who is a policeman and this one pities Poon's daughter who is very sad because Chan has gone away, and he leads her to Hong Kong, but Chan hides and she only sees that he is now married and soon a father, so, she finally marry Chan's friend (the gangster one).

Later, Adam's " adopted " son tricks him and beats him to death and he now suffers from amnesia. He meets Carol Cheng by a stroke of luck and he falls in love again without recognizing her though he has some flashbacks. It's only when they are attacked by a Japanese's man (played by Lo Meng) who is his ennemy and when she saves his life again that he recovers all his memory. The Japanese men kidnap Carol Cheng and ask him to give them something (I didn't understand what it is) and in order to avoid that he gives them what they want, Carol poisons herself.

Adam asks a doctor to give her an antidote, but the doctor hesitates as he is not sure that the antidote will work and then Adam tries it to him and falls in the coma, but Carol is saved.

Sunny Chan returns to Shanghai in order to revenge for his wife and her family who have been slaughtered by Poon's men, as well as his policeman friend, and with the help of Adam and his gangster friend, they succeed in killing Poon, but he looses his lover (Poon's daughter).

FInally, Adam awakes and he leaves Shanghai with Carol.

Of course, I didn't wrote all the details of the plot, which is very interesting and full of twists...

I'm not really fond of gangsters/guns/triads/godfathers movies and I bought this series only because Adam played in it and I must admit that I was so interested in this series that it took me only a week to watch all the episodes. What a superb series !!

I read somewhere that it's a remake of The bund (TVB) with Chow Yun Fat. Well, I' dont really like Chow Yun Fat and I wonder if the original is as good as the remake...

Of course, there's no need to say that Adam is excellent in this series, as well as Sunny Chan and Carol Cheng. And the theme song is very good too.

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