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Blade Heart TVB 2004

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I got a 46 episodes version of this series (I read somewhere that instead of 37 episodes, it actually had 42 episodes, so, I think that I must have the most complete versionâ?¦) and I watched it for the second time, which allows me to describe it with more details than in my first reviewâ?¦

The characters

Tang Bi played by Liza Wang
Ling Fung/Yu Wen Fung played by Adam Cheng
Miss Liu
Sima Yi, elder of the Sima clan
Sima Sin, his brother
Sima Ping Ting, his niece
Sima Siu Yu her brother
Mang Lei played by Raymond Lam
Mang Leiâ??s mother played by Lily Li
Miss Tsing
Fei Er, member of the Wang family
Yi Er, Tang Biâ??s daughter
Huo Sheng who worked for the Tang family
Huo Shengâ??s three friends, one of them being a doctor
Fei Erâ??s father
Eunuch Zheng, played by Chen Hung Lieh
Chu Kou, Sima Yiâ??s servant
Bai Ma, a horse

20 years ago, Ling Fung and Tang Bi were married and they lived in the Tang family, which was a very renowned family making weapons.
The Sima family also made weapons and the two families were rivals. One day, the whole Tang family was destroyed by the Sima family, and both Tang Bi and Ling Fung believed that the other was dead. Ling Fung was imprisoned (as there are no subtitles, I donâ??t know why) and marked under his left eye and he was recruited by Eunuch Zheng, who gave him the head of the Brocade Guards under the name of Yu Wen Fung, wearing an eyepatch in order to hide his mark.
On her side, Tang Bi gave birth to a boy and asked Huo Sheng to abandon him because she felt that she wouldnâ??t be able to raise him and she left. She fainted on the road and she was taken care of by the Wang family and later, she married Master Wang, who lead an escort company.

The story begins with Yu Wen Fung saving the King from killers and later, his company and another company of guards are trying to attack the Wang boat, I donâ??t know why, but finally, Yu Wen Fung lets more or less them escape just in order to stop the other company to get the market (if I understood well). Later, he discovers that Miss Wang is actually his long lost wife, who is now a widow, and when she is about to be attacked or cheated, he secretly helps her.

Sima Yi returns home with Chu Kou and it seems that he suffers from a kind of madness which leads him to kill innocent people, and among them, there is his former teacher and we discover that Sima Yi and Ling Fung were disciples of Wu Tang and that Sima Yi was already a kind of rebel when he was a child. When he learns that Sima Yi is here, Yu Wen Fung tries to arrest or kill him by all means, but he is stopped by Eunuch Zheng, who tries to use the Sima family in order to fulfill his own interests.

Meanwhile, Yi Er and her cousin Fei Er (a nephew of Master Wang, if I understood well) help Tang Bi to rule the Wang family according to her husbandâ??s will, while Fei Erâ??s father plots against her and almost kills Yi Er because she has discovered the truth. At school, Yi Er and Fei Er are the target of Sima Ping Ting and Sima Siu Yu (who obeys his twin sister as if he was blind and didnâ??t saw how evil she is ) and they are helped by Mang Lei, who has found a shelter at school for his mother, who is paralyzed. During their journey, they have met Huo Sheng and his three friends and they have become friends.
Mang Lei also becomes â?? friend â?? with a white horse who has saved his life by stopping him while he was about to drink poisoned water, and Bai Ma (the horseâ??s name, literally meaning White Horse in Chinese) also â?? befriends â?? Yi Er and the two young people become very good friends.

With Huo Sheng and his three friendsâ?? help, Tang Bi decides to open a weapons manufacture in order to win a contest against the Sima clan in presence of the King. Knowing that it will be Sima Yi who will fight during the contest and as she holds him responsible of the slaughter of her family 20 years ago, Tang Bi decides to to kill him and she poisons the sword they have made for the contest and which will be used by Mang Lei (who is now working for Tang Bi at the manufacture) but during the fight, Huo Sheng arrives and tells Tang Bi that he has discovered that the boy he had abandoned 20 years ago and who he believed to be dead according to what the nurse had told him is actually Mang Lei, and Tang Bi stops the fight just when Sima Yiâ??s sword breaks Mang Leiâ??s sword, making this latter be hurt by the poisoned piece of sword. They call Miss Tsing, who is just a novice doctor to cure him (she had been also called by the Sima clan in order to cure Sima Yi and she had escaped with Sima Siu Yuâ??s help because she wasnâ??t acknowledged enough to cure him) and she finally succeeds, after having tested some poisons on herself in order to find the one which could cure Mang Lei.

When she discovers that Mang Lei and Yi Er are gradually falling in love, Tang Bi decides to separate them, and at the same time, the King, who has noticed Yi Er, decides to take her as his concubine.
With Miss Tsingâ??s help, Mang Lei and Yi Er escape with Bai Ma and they hide in a small house, but Tang Bi, Huo Sheng, his three friends and the Brocade Guards lead by Yu Wen Fung find them and when one of Yu Wen Fungâ??s men is about to kill Mang Lei, Bai Ma interposes himself in order to save him and he is killed. Yi Er and Mang Lei are desperate and they donâ??t want to separate, but, in order to save her son, Tang Bi hurts him and Yi Er has to follow the guards.

Meanwhile, as Eunuch Zheng wasnâ??t satisfied by Sima Sin, he orders to take all the Sima Clanâ??s properties and to imprison Sima Sin, so, his wife, Sima Ping Ting and Sima Siu Yu have to err in the town and they are insulted by the people. One of the Brocade guards invites Sima Ping Ting to eat something in the inn and he rapes her and when she finally leaves the inn, she sees the superb sedan chair in which there is Yi Er on her way to the Palace and she swears that she will take revenge on the Wang family, which she holds for responsible of her familyâ??s loss.

Sima Sin succeeds in escaping killers with Yu Wen Fungâ??s help and he tells Yu Wen Fung that 20 years ago, both Sima and Tang families had been cheated and while he tries to kill Yu Wen Fung, he is hurt by his own poisoned secret weapon.
Sima Ping Ting is lead to her father by Yu Wen Fung and she tells him that she wants to get revenge and, though her father tells her not to do so, she insists and he finally dies.

Later, she makes both Mang Lei and Yi Er to believe that each other wants to date the other and she drowns her and bites herself and uses her blood to write something on a rock ; I guess that itâ??s an accusation against Mang Lei, since later, Yu Wen Fung chases this latter and is about to kill him when Tang Bi comes to rescue him. During the fight, she discovers that Yu Wen Fung is actually her long lost husband Ling Fung and she tells him that Mang Lei is their son. Mang Lei doesnâ??t want to believe that itâ??s true and he escapes.
Miss Liu is a kind of courtesan who lives in Ling Fungâ??s house and tries to seduce him, but he doesnâ??t want her and he only wants to be reunited with his wife. She helps him to trap Sima Yi, whom she met a while ago and with whom she became friend too, but Ling Fun is stopped by Eunuch Zheng and he is blinded by a poisoned powder. He succeeds in escaping but his former men chase him, except one of them who stays faithful to him and helps him to escape.

While she is trying to help Mang Lei and his mother to escape, Tang Bi is hurt and two of Huo Shengâ??s friends are killed, including the doctor, and Mang Leiâ??s adoptive mother is killed too.
Later, Tang Bi and Ling Fung hide in Wu Tang, where they find 7 little disciples who help them to cure their wounds and they both train in order to defeat Sima Yi and Miss Tsing, who is now a good doctor, helps Ling Fung to cure his eyes. She is in love with Mang Lei since she met him, but she gave up when she saw that he had fallen for Yi Er and she is also friend with Sima Siu Yu, who is in love with her. Sima Siu Yu discovers that his sister has killed Yi Er and he is desperate and he tries to help Miss Tsing to escape from Eunuch Zhengâ??s men, who want her to lead them to Ling Fung and Tang Bi.
Finally, Ling Fung and Sima Yi have a discussion regarding their duel and they fight, but Ling Fung looses. Tang Bi leaves him because she doesnâ??t understand him anymore and he is desperate.

Meanwhile, Sima Ping Ting has decapitated her fatherâ??s corpse and she brings the head to Eunuch Zheng and tells him that Yu Wen Fung is actually Ling Fung and that Miss Wang is nobody else than Tang Bi and that Mang Lei is their son and they plot to get Mang Lei taking revenge on his own parents, and finally, Mang Lei is imprisoned and marked just as his father had been marked 20 years ago and he takes the head of the Brocade Guards, killing people under Eunuch Zhengâ??s order.
Sima Ping Ting decides to seduce him, but he doesnâ??t want her. Later, she tells her mother that she killed Yi Er and her mother decides to inform Mang Lei and Sima Ping Ting doesnâ??t hesitate to kill her brother who was bringing the letter. When she discovers that Sima Ping Ting killed both Yi Er and her own brother, Miss Tsing wants to tell Mang Lei the truth, but Sima Ping Ting tries to drown her too, but she sees that Mang Lei is coming and she makes him believe that she is trying to save Miss Tsing. This latter is in the coma and, while she makes everybody believe that she is taking care of her, actually, Sima Ping Ting poisons her day after day. Finally, Miss Tsing wakes up and first, she doesnâ??t recognize anybody, but when she sees Chu Kou (who has fallen for Sima Ping Ting and follows her everywhere while Sima Yi has left ), she recovers all her memory and she tells Mang Lei that Sima Ping Ting has tried to kill her and that she killed Yi Er and Sima Siu Yu, but he doesnâ??t want to believe her and she escapes.
During a crisis, Sima Ping Ting â?? rapes â?? Chu Kou, just in order to get him more obedient and to use his force against her enemies.
Later, Mang Lei decides to marry Sima Ping Ting but the day of the wedding, he goes to see her mother and he finally discovers that the bride has really killed Yi Er, her brother and even her uncle Sima Yi, with Chu Kouâ??s help and he wants to kill Sima Ping Ting, but she tells him that he canâ??t do that since she bears his baby. He is so angry that he show all the guests that he is a marked man and he leaves.

Later , he meets his father and they finally reconciliate and they find Tang Bi, who has helped Huo Sheng to escape from jail, but he is too badly hurt and he finally dies, telling Tang Bi that she must reconciliate with her husband.

Later, the king asks Ling Fung to help him to get rid of Eunuch Zheng and he tells him that actually, itâ??s this latter who had plotted against Sima and Tang families 20 years ago and Ling Fung obeys, but discovered that the king only used him. Mang Lei finally admits that he loves Miss Tsing, but he doesnâ??t know that she is dying from SIma Ping Tingâ??s poison and she doesnâ??t want that Miss Liu (who is helping her) tells him the truth.
In order to kill Mang Lei and his parents, Eunuch Zheng had sentenced Sima Ping Ting to death and itâ??s Ling Fung and Tang Bi who save her, but just to discover that it was a trap against their son. Sima Ping Ting finally marries Chu Kou, but he discovers that once again, she has just used him ans she even wants to get rid of their baby, but he still does all what she wants because he is deeply in love with her. He fights with Ling Fung and he badly hurts him and when Tang Bi tries to help him, she is cheated by Sima Ping Ting and the couple is prisoner of Sima Ping Ting and her husband. Tang Bi tries to cure her husband, but it seems that he has lost all his kung fu and when Mang Lei (who as been told by Fei Er that his parents are prisoners) arrives in order to save his parents, Sima Ping Ting hurts Tang Bi and Mang Lei has to fight with Chu Kou, who is as strong as his master Sima Yi was, and Ling Fung tells him what to do. It puts Sima Ping Ting mad and she hits him with her sword but she canâ??t kill him because the baby hurts her and when Mang Lei wants to kill her, Chu Kou begs him to let her live and promises that he and his parents will be free. The three of them escape, but Sima Ping Ting is mad about her husband and later, when he sees that her madness has become so strong, he kills her and he commits suicide.
When they have recover from their wounds, Tang Bi and Ling Fung finally decide to live happy together, but the king asks Ling Fung to work for him and, as he tells him that he canâ??t do it anymore because he lost all his kung fu, the king offers him a cup of wine and let him go.
The series ends with Ling Fung returning home and understanding that he has been poisoned, while his wife is waiting for him, playing zither.

As I said previously, itâ??s a superb series, with a lot of twists (of course, I couldnâ??t give a synopsis of the whole plotâ?¦), superb fights and the actors were all very good. Lily Li was poignant in her role of Mang Leiâ?? s adoptive mother who didnâ??t want to be a burden for her son, the actor playing Huo Sheng was excellent in the role of the faithful Tang Biâ??s employee, the actresses playing Miss Tsing and Yi Er were good, and, as I already said, Chen Hung Lieh and the actress playing Sima Ping Ting played perfectly their hatable characters !!

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