The kung fu master TVB 2000

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The kung fu master TVB 2000

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:05 am

Yuen Wah plays the son of a master of martial arts who doesn\'t want to teach him the very last movement of one of his techniques because he thinks that he isn\'t ready to learn it, and instead, his father teaches it to his elder student. The father is also a rival of Liu Chia Hui, who is a martial arts teacher too and they often argue with each other. From what I remember, the local government wants to get rid of the Hans and they organize contests in order that the schools destroy each other. The elder student of Yuen Wah\'s father steals from him because he is a gambler and he is killed by the Mandchous because he didn\'t do right a mission they had asked him for. Later, Yuen Wah\'s father is killed and Yuen Wah is hurt by Liu Chia Hui (if I remember well) and he can\'t fight anymore with all his strength.

Liu Chia Hui\'s daughter (played by Jade Leung)falls in love with a Mandchou officer and does\'nt hesitate to betray her own father for him, while Yuen Wah teaches a young man he met.

The young man and Jade Leung\'s lover fight together and finally, the young man is chosen for the new contest between the schools and it\'s revealed that he actually is a Mandchou too and he is devastated, because he wanted to fight in order to restore the Hans.

Finally, Liu Chia Hui and Yuen Wah unite together in order to resist the Manchous and Jade Leung dies in her lover\'s arms after comitting suicide by learning a deadly technique that her father didn\'t want her to learn because it was too dangerous (and she taught this technique to her lover).

Jade\'s lover is finally defeated due to his use of the deadly technique he learnt from Jade Leung.

Very good fights, good plot.

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