Shen Yi Da Dao Gong 2010

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Shen Yi Da Dao Gong 2010

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Adam Cheng plays the god of medicine Bo Shen Da Di (he is often called Wu Tao) and he has a maid called San Hong, who is very clever and is fond of him.
One day, a magistrate comes to chase them from the temple where Wu Tao cures poor people and he is very arrogant and argue with San Hong. While they are arguing, they are attacked by a dragon calle Hei Lung and by a white tigress, called Bai Hu (often called Hu Mei during the series) and Wu Tao uses San Hong hairpins to hurt them in order to force them to go away, while the magistrate has fainted. Then, San Hong understands that her boss is actually the God whose statue is in the temple. They cure the magistrate, who is called Er Zhü, and he finally becomes Wu Taoâ??s disciple.
Hei Lung and Hu Mei have been sent to attack him by his enemy Wen Jue. As they are hurt, he chases them with the mission to kill Wu Tao, but this latter cures them instead of fighting with them, and they become his disciples and the three of them try to get rid of Wen Jue, but this one is very clever and escapes them.
In Heaven, as Hei Lung and Hu Mei were Wen Jueâ??s disciples, the God of gods wants to severely punish them, but Wu Tao doesnâ??t want to and he prefers to become a mortal than letting them being killed, so, he returns on Earth as a mortal who has lost all his powers, but not his intelligence and he has some gadgets which help him to avoid Wen Jue doing bad deeds.

During one of their adventures, Wu Tao, Hei Lung, Er Zhü, San Hong and Hu Mei helps a young woman, who has a red birth mark on her face and who has been promised by her father to the Prince (or the Emperor, I donâ??t know, but he wears the yellow clothes of the Imperial persons). She is in love with her fatherâ??s servant who tastes the dishes in order to see if they are poisoned (he is called Tong Ming) and it happens that while Wu Tao is there, Tong Ming is really poisoned by a dish. He cures him and discovers the truth regarding the two young peopleâ??s love. Unfortunately, Wen Jue has decided to help the father to give his daughter to the Prince and he switches the young womanâ??s face with the one of her servant, and itâ??s this one who is sent to the palace, but Tong Ming discovers the truth and the two lovers fly away, while WU Tao and his disciples are in the palace. Then in order to get more and more power using the servant to cheat the emperor and help her to become the empress, Wen Jue poisons Wu Tao who becomes paralyzed. Thanks to San Hong, Hei Lung and Hu Mei, he finally recovers, Wen Jue is prisoner in the Heaven and the young woman and her servant recover their own faces and the young woman can live peacefully with Tong Ming.
In the next adventure, as Wu Tao is now in Heaven (or in a kind of Purgatory, on a cloud, from where he observes what happens to his disciples with an old god and a soldier-god who holds a pagoda), San Hong and Er Zhü take care of the temple with Hei Lung and Hu Mei and thereâ??s another doctor in the temple, who cures the poor people. However, Wu Taoâ??s three disciples discover that there is something strange with this doctor and they finally find that he has poisoned the well in order to get more patients to cure (if Iâ??m not mistakenâ?¦). And later, San Hong discover that Er Zhüâ??s father is an accomplice of this bad doctor. When she tells Er Zhü about this, he doesnâ??t believe her and his father tries to kill her or to take her to justice. San Hong discover a hidden book which proves that she is right, but when she gives it to the judge, Er Zhüâ??s father threaten the judge and this latter imprisons San Hong, because Er Zhüâ??s father has blackmailed him regarding his two sons. Finally, Er Zhü discovers that San Hong was true and, as he has become a judge too (in addition to be a doctor thanks to Wu Taoâ??s teaching) thanks to the Emperor,he imprisons his father and, as he has promised his mother that he wonâ??t kill his father with his own hands, he brings poison wine to his father in order that he commits suicide and they both cry and Er Zhü is desperate. In their cloud, Wu Tao and the old god argue with the god with the pagoda because itâ??s too hard for Er Zhü, but he doesnâ??t want to change things. Later, Er Zhü is totally desperate and Wu Tao becomes a God again because his student has succeeded in being loyal to his duty and not to his evil father. When he sees that his master is back, Er Zhü wants to leave because he feels guilty about his fatherâ??s death, and then, Wu Tao tells him that his father is still alive and Er Zhü then meets the old god and he becomes a deity too.
During this adventure, Hu Mei has fellen for Er Zhü and Hei Lung is so jealous that he falls into Wen Jueâ??s trap and this latter succeeds in escaping jail in Heaven. He then takes Hei Lung as his disciple again and he sends him to kill both Er Zhü et Wu Tao. Wu Tao, Wen Jue and Hei Lung fight on the clouds and Hei Lung canâ??t escape a weapon and he explodes in myriads of molecules. Wen Jue take them all and he revives gim, but Hei Lungâ??s heart has disappeared and he gives him someoneâ??s else heart, which leads Hei Lung to be more evil that Wen Jue !
Meanwhile, Hu Mei has found Hei Lungâ??s heart and she asks Wu tao for his help in order to save Hei Lung. They finally find him and Wu Tao cures him, but Wen Jue is stronger and he succeeds in keeping Hei Lung on his side, but Wu tao is more clever and finally Wen Jue is once again imprisoned in Heaven.
Later,Wen Jue is sent on Earth as a mortal and the God who holds a pagoda forces Wu Tao to take him as a student. Hei Lung has disappeared and Hu Mei is desperate and Wu Tao has taken two other disciples : a young man very good in martial arts, and the girl this young man has saved from a forced marriage. Everybody is suspicious towards Wen Jue and Hu Mei and the young man (I donâ??t remember the name of his character) discover a cave in which there are two things : a kind of key and a white life-jacket. The young man discovers that this life-jacket can tell him the future and help him to do different things. Hu Mei and Wu Tao go to the cave and Wu Tao is trapped in it because the key which opened it doesn\'t work anymore and Hu Mei is desperate. Then, Wu Tao imitates Hu Mei and Er Zhü\'s voices in order to lure Hei Lung to the cave and he succeeds in making Hei Lung so angry that it\'s him who opens the cave and Wu Tao then escapes and take Wen Jue as a prisoner again. As San Hong and Wu Tao have left the temple in order to see someone who could help Wu Tao to get rid of Wen Jue and help Hei Lung to become as he was before he became Wen Jueâ??s disciple once again, the young man and his lover are in charge of the temple with Wen Jue and Hu Mei.
Actually, Wen Jue is still a god and he has planned to use Wu Taoâ??s new student in order to get more power and he succeed in becoming a real god again thanks to the life-jacket. He chases San Hong and Wu Tao and he finds them thanks to Er Zhü, who has become a butterfly due to Wen Jueâ??s bad deeds and who hadnâ??t seen that he was followed by Wen Jue.
Fortunately, Wu Tao succeeds in avoiding to be killed by Wen Jue and he kills him in Heaven, where Wen Jue has taken the place of the God of gods due to his new powers.

Meanwhile, Hei Lung has definitely been cured and he has helped Wu Tao and Hu Mei to get rid of Wen Jue, and Wu Tao returns to the temple, where he goes on curing poor people with his 6 disciples (Hei Lung, Hu Mei, Er Zhü, the young man, this latterâ??s love and San Hong).

This is a very good fantasy series, with a little bit of everything : laughs, fights, morale, twists, a bad evil, a good guy, good songs, beautiful costumes and of course, a lot of fantasyâ?¦. Very enjoyable and worth watching.

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