Ming Patriots

Tell us the movies that you know are cut and Flashlegsrare will recover where possible.
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Ming Patriots

Postby pollypolly » Sat May 26, 2007 10:45 pm

Ming Patriots. Good film...in fact it's a great film but every version I've come across appears to be cut in some shape or form.

I've provided a break down of various cuts that I've come across. [B]Please be aware of some huge spoilers if you haven't seen this film.[/B]

[I]Chinese full screen. English sub version.[/I]
This looks like the most butchered version to me.
Judy Lee's fight in the tea house is cut. Chan Wai Man's bartering when Chang Yi says he'll burn the teahouse down is cut. Chan Wai Man and Jimmy Lee's death scenes are badly cut as is the brief scrap they have beforehand. And criminally, the end fight with Chang Yi is cut where the knife gets slammed into his chest.
There is however one scene in the sub version that isn't in any other print and that's the scene where Bruce Li surrenders after the princess has a knife held to her throat.

[I]English dub, full screen version.[/I]
The english dub version appears to be almost complete except for the scene where Bruce Li surrenders and a scene in the final fight (also absent from the subbed version), where a cut on Judy Lee's arm spurts blood into Chang Yi's face.

[I]Arabic widescreen English Dub.[/I]
This is mostly intact but has chunks of dialogue missing due to bad print damage. There is also a scene missing where Bruce Li surrenders to Chan Wai Man & Lung Fei. However, this is the only print I have seen which has a brief shot of Judy Lee's blood splattering over Chang Yi's face.

I hate anything that has been cut or tampered with and I feel that if something has been edited in some way then everyone has a right to know.
I know Ground Zero put this out in a widescreen dub. Does anyone know how complete that version was at all?

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Postby pollypolly » Sun May 27, 2007 10:47 am

Hi mate, I've just amateurishly edited the cut scenes back in and it clocks in about 1:28 PAL. I've seen the Ground Zero version listed at 1h 26 NTSC?.

In the end fight Judy Lee's blood spurts in Chang Yi's face causing him to lose sight and the drunk to steal his snuff bottle. Here's a few screen shots. It occurs roughly around the 1h 20 mark:

Also, another scene gone from the dub that I saw was around the 58 min mark where Chan Wai Man holds a blade to the princess' neck and says 'One more move and I'll slit her throat'. The dub then cuts to Judy Lee tied up.
The sub version has Bruce Li saying 'No stop we surrender' before being beaten around a bit by the big baddie dude and Judy Lee gets slapped about by the female baddie whist tied to the tree. This cut scene runs for about 30 seconds I'd say.
I appreciate your help mate.

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Postby pollypolly » Sun May 27, 2007 5:12 pm

Hi mate,
Ah, shame, sounds like the Ground Zero is cut too. Did it have the death of the pig in it? That's a pretty nasty scene which almost guarantees it never to see the light of day on these shores.
Like you say, in the cut version Chang Yi wipes the blood from his face yet we never get to see how it got there.
Thanks for checking your print and confirming those details mate.

Pete Jr. - What's the FLK version like in terms of completeness?

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