Mike Tyson autobiography out now

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Mike Tyson autobiography out now

Postby KeungKau » Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:46 am

'Iron' Mike Tyson
has recently written a autobiography maybe of interest to Tyson and Boxing fans.

I'm hoping to get it for Christmas |:o


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Postby KeungKau » Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:31 am

If you like Tyson
Leroy Colbert former boxing manager and fitness/bodybuilder

reveals some insight into his friendship with Mike


Mike Tyson Versus James Tillis
is my own personal favourite bout
it wasn't a typical K.O and tested him as a fighter


The guys I've always liked were
Sonny Liston,Cassius Clay(Ali),
Joe Fraizer,Ken Norton,
Larry Holmes,Lennox Lewis,
Frank Bruno, Nigel Benn ,
Michael Watson , Chris Eubank
(too name a few)

I admire the way Roy Jones Jr &
Floyd Mayweather box but I don't like them they just talk sh!t about money all the time and lack the charisma & character of the older guys.

I watched the klitschko haye fight
and was really disapointed its just not the same since the 90's :|


Pete Senior
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Postby Pete Senior » Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:59 pm

Iron Mike is a boxing legend. I remember him coming to Brixton London some years back and caused a road block in the midst of Brixton. Fans just wanted to touch the mans hand and say hi. Sonny Liston was a hardcore street gangster, even during his boxing days. It cost him his life in the end, due to bad connections with the mafia. Superb boxing from Liston mind you, irrespective of his bad associates.

Muhammad Ali a living legend and there will never be one to match him again in this lifetime.

I met Eubanks here in Dubai a few years back. I have to admit I was not too impressed when he was bragging about his fight with Watson, who became paralyzed from the fight. Watson was dating a Moroccan lady at the time and she had 2 beautiful daughters for him. Its sad he became paralyzed trying to make a living bringing up 2 girls.

Some of my most respected boxers are:
Jack Johnson
Sugar Ray Robinson
Joe Frazer
Larry Holmes
Sugar Ray Lenard
Marvin Hagler
Thomas Hearns
Roberto Duran
Nigel Benn
Henry Cooper

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Postby KeungKau » Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:02 am

I remember watching on tv when Mike came to Brixton it was surreal the whole street shut down
Mike Tyson said he wanted to see the ends in London lol .

Sonny Liston was the Mike Tyson of his day great talent and also a model for a young George Foreman but yes he was sadly manipulated by the mafia and later died in mysterious circumstances.

Michael Watson is and will always be a legend he was the commonwealth champion and the majority of people reckon he should have won the first fight against Eubank.

He made a documentary called

Fighting Back-
The Michael Watson Story
it was very moving how modest and humble he is.

Henry Cooper was a good fighter.

I liked Joe Calzaghe but was a bit disapointed after he admitted to drug use.

Me and my mate met Eubank in 2001 when he stopped in his car to ask us for directions to a hotel
I'm suprised he would brag about the Watson fight :H

Clay/Ali transcends boxing your right there will be no one like him ever.

He made a documentary Facing Ali
featuring interviews with those who fought him

Champions Forever is also a nice one to watch.


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