Flying Tiger

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Flying Tiger

Postby noirmubin » Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:51 pm


Old school 70s basher...punch and block

Just a short review:-

Shoji Kurata acts as a police officer / an undercover agent spying on an drug smuggling ring but only appears briefly after 10 mins or so taking photos of the drug group. Not to worry though as the movie moves along, Kurata's fighting scenes are shown in line with the plot.

The starring role goes to Wang Kuan Hsiung who uses the same name in the movie. He acts as a motorcycle stuntman for the company which uses the motorcycle event as a front to cover the drug business.

Kuan Hsiung's ex girlfriend is now the boss's wife and in cohorts with the boss right-hand man to plunder the boss's money.

Anyway, not too bother about the plot though. We are shown old school 70s punch and block - best part is the one with Kurata and Kuan Hsiung fighting out with each other.

As always, Kurata displays his array of punches and kicks albeit in the middle part and the end part. Kuan Hsiung impresses too maybe due to the presence of Kurata. So far, I have watch only one of Kuan Hsiung's movies (Screaming Tiger) and he carries himself well especially the fight scenes.

A very entertaining flick. If fights are your cup of tea - this one is for you.

Add this for your P&B collection. recommended.

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