Love competition 1976

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Love competition 1976

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:46 pm

I finally got it and I enjoyed it a lot !!

Adam (playing Huang Ta, if I heard well) and Tang Lang Hua (playing Pei Yü) are singers in a club, together with Nancy Yen (playing Mei Ling ) , Pei Ti (playing Hu Jia) and another actress (playing Xiao Ping).

Lei Ming and Fan Dan are both customers of the club, and while Lei Ming is interested in Pei Yü (though Hu Jia seems to be one of his mistresses), Fan Dan is interested in Mei Ling.

This latter doesn't want him and after his men has been bullied by her, Fan Dan sends a mini bomb to the club. Mei Ling is so furious that she chases them and she fights with them, and after a discussion, she finally becomes friend with Fan Dan.

Xiao Ping's father is a gambler and he looses all his money and he wants to kill himself, but his wife and Xiao Ping stop him and Pei Yü, who is Xiao Ping's best friend, asks Huang Ta and Mei Ling for money, but none of them has enough money and she decides to go to Hu Jia's house and asks her for money. Hu Jia sees there an opportunity to please Lei Ming and she sends her to him in order that he gives her some money.

Later, Huang Ta and Mei Ling are attacked by two men and there is a fight between them, and when he returns at home, Huang Ta learns that Pei Yü isn't at home. He goes to Hu Jia and she finally tells him that his lover is with Lei Ming. He goes there and there is a quarrel between the two men, and then, between Huang Ta and Pei Yü, but they finally reconciliate.

However, Lei Ming is so furious, that he decides to get revenge and he goes to the club in order to get Pei Yü, but Mei Ling asks for Fan Dan's help and there is another big fight between Huang Ta, Mei Ling, Fan Dan and his two men, and the athletic man of Lei Ming and they finally get rid of this latter and his man, while Xiao Ping and Pei Yü are performing the song written by Huang Ta.

Very good movie, with superb songs and good fights (but they were too short and not very numerous...).

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