Silver knife scarlet blade 1969

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Silver knife scarlet blade 1969

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:45 pm

Shih Kien and his " brothers " thieves are used to attack small towns in order to rob and kill people. After having attacked Ke Chia village and made some prisoners, one of them being a relative to the chief of Pai Chia village, they plan to attack Pai Chia village, but the people there resist and Shih Kien decides to ask for his brother's help.

His brother (who is a hunchback) arrives with a female bandit called Swallow and they come to Pai village disguised as street performers. They are so good comedians that the naive chief of the village takes them to his house and asks them to help him to destroy the bandits.

Fung Bo Bo plays White Horse Hero, who wants to get revenge on Shih Kien for " his " (she plays a man here) father's death and she discovers the truth and kills the fake street performers. However, they have had the time to send a message to Shih Kien and they planned to kidnap Pai's young son.

While FBB is fighting in a temple in order to save the boy, she meets Adam Cheng, who is Pai's elder son being back at home after studying in the capital, and when he learns that the men she fights are Shih Kien's men, he helps her and they decide to have a duel with Shih Kien.

This latter's men are supposed to set free the prisoners of Ke Chia village against the corpses of the fake street performers, but as soon as they get the coffins, they kill the prisoners, and Adam Cheng and FBB fight with them and kill them all.

Then, Shih Kien finally arrives and he has a duel with FBB, who finally gets her revenge and cut his head, as she had promised to do.

That's too bad that Adam Cheng appears at only around 1h 10mn and has only a few scenes in the movie, but it's always a pleasure to see him in a swordplay movie...

Very good movie, worth watching.

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