Dangerous seventeen 1968

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Dangerous seventeen 1968

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:44 pm

Adam Cheng plays a rich playboy who chases several girls at one time. The movie begins when he is in a night club with an hostess called Sha Li and he receives a phone call form Tu Chuan. After a quick fight in the club where he is helped by Wu Fung, he reunites with Tu Chuan. Later, we discover that Tu Chuan is Wu Fung's sister.

Wu Fung helps a young girl against some rascals and we also discover that this girl is Adam's sister.

As the movie is in Cantonese, I didn't understand a word, so, I don't know why, but Tu Chuan is chased by Adam after telling him something. Sha Li witnesses that and she stops Tu Chuan from committing suicide and she tells Wu Fung (for whom she has fallen) about what has happened to his sister.

When he learns that, Wu Fung is furious and he goes to Adam's house in order to kill him, but he then discovers that the girl he has saved is Adam's sister. As Adam offers him a lot of money, he decides to keep it and he seduces Adam's sister as a way to get revenge for his own sister.

The two girls meet and Adam's sister presents Wu Fung as her fiancé to her friends and family and when Adam discovers that it's Wu Fung, he is furious and they quarrel. Wu Fung tells everybody what Adam has done to his sister and he leaves. Adam's sister tells him that she loves him, and when Adam quarrels with her, she tells him the same thing. Adam pays some rascals to fight with Wu Fung.

Meanwhile, Wu Fung quarrels with his sister and he leaves. When he remembers all what he has shared with Adam's sister, he finally realizes that he loves her and he goes to Adam's house in order to apologize, but they quarrel once again and Adam sends the men he has recruited to fight with him. While he is looking at the fight, he remembers his sister's words and he hurries to help Wu Fung just when one of the guys tries to kill Wu Fung with his knife and the two boys unite against the rascals.

Then, Adam tells Wu Fung where his sister is hiding and the two couples finally reunite.

A good movie, with a lot of old 60's rythms and three beautiful songs sung by Lee Kwan Yi.

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