Shapes and the Commoners

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Shapes and the Commoners

Postby falkor » Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:34 am

Why is traditional Kung Fu choreography, i.e. shapes, so alien to the general public, i.e. to the Blockheads?

Firstly, all the classics were made prior to 1984, so there is generally a lack of exposure to the newer generations, but it was also quite specialised to older generations.

If a commonner is lucky enough to witness a proper 5 minute fight scene then a number of strange things seem to happen as part of their alien experience:
*Many different preconceptions (possible to list them?) are suddenly hit hard and challenged, resulting in almost shut down.
*Attention quickly turns into a lack of interest in a matter of seconds and the lack of ability to sustain cocentration on the fight scene, enabling them to take in only a very small percentage of what is happening on-screen.
*Misconceptions about realism in the context of a martial arts movie.
*Failure to understand simple concepts; for example, no contact due to avoidence of a strike instead of preconceived poor filmmaking; or continuous blocking/counter-attacking to focus the exchange of skill and artistry instead of street fighting that ends quickly; or stances to introduce a technique between exchanges.
*Failure to understand that realistic Kung Fu techniques--official and unofficial--can be choreographed in an unrealistic way for the purpose of entertainment. The choreographer does for Kung Fu what the computer does for electronic music.
*Failure to interpret and process complex visual information for more than a few seconds when progressing at a fast rate. Therefore, there is a failure to spot patterns, understand and appreciate something as dynamically artistic as classical Kung Fu choreography.
*Rage and blocked communication with anyone who might challenge their thinking.

My conclusion: the general public is lacking in a certain kind of intelligence, namely IQ, and is highly conditioned/close-minded.

What are your thoughts?

That leads to the next question: why is shapes so good? I believe it's related to the merit of the actors/choreographers and their mastery of creativity within the context of expressing the human body, and to layer and package so many ideas within a short time frame coupled with the cinematographer's ability to present the package. This then stimulates the brain perhaps in the same way as static artwork, albeit constantly changing and sustaining the same intense pleasure.

Kung Fu is better than sex? V:D

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Postby falkor » Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:57 pm

I've finally sussed out the true essence of Kung Fu films! It goes something like this...

The universe is designed as a black hole factory based on the code gravity, geometry, the Fibonacci sequence, pi and many other important mathematical constants/concepts, but most importantly, the universe is all about patterns! It's scientifically proven that superior music is based on superior use of patterns that the ear can appreciate. Something that has no pattern is simply not music. God can only be understood by understanding patterns. Ask enough yankees how many stars are in the visible sky above Chicago and the average answer will be very close to the true answer!

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