The Bold Three (1972)

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The Bold Three (1972)

Postby Markgway » Thu Oct 16, 2014 12:10 am

Anyone happen to know if this basher was filmed (whole or in part) in South Korea?

A couple of Korean actors in the cast (credited on the poster but oddly not the film itself).

Lee Hae-Ryong (Miao Tien\'s son)
Choi Sung (bad guy with eye-patch)
*Kim Ae-Ran (Chen Hung-Lieh\'s sister)

*I think she\'s Korean, because the only other film I can find for her is GREAT BOXER - a Taiwanese-Korean co-production.

This film isn\'t listed at the KMDB, although Great Boxer is (the info on that is typically scant).

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