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Postby SuperK » Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:36 pm

Welcome back to Flash legs kung fu.

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Postby KeungKau » Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:47 pm

Yes Welcome back
ChopSocky hope you can revisit and rediscover the classics.

Just a quick thanks to
Sarita Linda18 & SuperK for their recommendations

I\'ve just watched
Lion Vs Lion with Wong Yu ,
Lo Meng , Wong Lung Was and Yeung Pan Pan...
Some lovely shapes and especially liked Lo Meng in this film |:o

Also watched Dirty Ho
Loved the training sequences with Santa & Wong Yu for me Lo Lieh was perfect as the bearded bad guy and stole the show!

Thank You also PeteSr
I got round to finally seeing Five Fingers of Death/King Boxer
the Iron Palm & eyegouging
We\'re fun.

Saw Opium and the Kung Fu Master with Ti Lung as the opium addled martial artist and Chen Kuan Tai as the baddie some nice fights there...

Also watched Ang Leeds Pushing hands about a Chinese Immigrant who finds it difficult to adapt to life in the US and also happens to be a tai-chi master I was hoping for a bit more action to be honest but was a okay film.

I think I have found a new favourite The Master with Chen Kuan Tai and The Mayor as the evil panther fist master.
I Cannot emphasis enough how much I loved this film absolute classic V:D

Still got Heroic Trio and Bastard Swordsman in my watch pile so hoping to enjoy those soon...

Once again thanks everyone for all their suggestions learnt so much since joining the forum :)


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