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Postby Silver & Gold Dragon » Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:08 am

[Quote=Silver & Gold Dragon]On the 20th I watched RUMBLE IN THE BRONX and POLICE STORY on the 21st. As it was 10 years to the day since I first watched them.

Those films changed my life back then, I had seen other Chan films but POLICE STORY was the first 'true' HK film I ever saw. I don't think RUMBLE seemed so unintentionally silly in parts when I first watched it.

20th January 2006 was a Friday night and on British TV; POLICE STORY aired on Channel 5 sometime around 21:00 (UTC/GMT)(I was a sleep at the time it aired but, I think almost the first thing I did on the Saturday morning of the 21st was watch the VHS recording of it).

RUMBLE IN THE BRONX broadcasted on the same night on BBC 1 at 23:05 (UTC/GMT) I watched this with my Mum as it broadcasted. (That was a very late time for me to be awake at, back then).

Here's a (badly) filmed youtube video, showing a small bit of my VHS recordings:[url link=VHS recordings of Jackie Chan films that aired on UK TV on 20th January 2006. ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muf2KjV5_Tk[/url]

[Quote=KeungKau]Was Police Story broadcast in Cantonese?
I remember the first time I watched in the old CUT 4front VHS video version that was English Dubbed It always made me laugh when Jackie Chan asked for a cup of tea with a cockney accent.

I think they redubbed the Hong Kong Legends dvd with a new English Dub?[/Quote]

It was shown in the New English dub.

[Quote=SuperK]I always prefer the old school dubs as opposed to the new ones.[/Quote]

I prefer the old dubs even though for about 4 years the new ones were all i heard. I not even sure why anyone remade the dubs? I'd guess/theorise that they'd want to redo the sound effects and voice in/for 5.1 sound.

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Postby KeungKau » Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:28 am

I heard sometimes they use new dubs because a company may own the rights to the original dub track? Or they just feel the original audio is outdated!

Even American films sometimes change from the original mono track to 5.1
which can make you feel like your watching a different film
two particular films that come to mind are Jaws (1975)

And also The Terminator (1984) original mono mix

new 5.1

Personally I prefer the original mono mix but each to their own lol

Drunken Master 2 comparison between the original Hong Kong Version and American

This another example of classic films being tampered with :|

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Postby KeungKau » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:19 pm

Recently I checked out

Drunken Dragon (1985) Rarescope DVD
This film was certainly entertaining and imaginative,
Beardy plays a eccentric old master who helps Suen Kwok Ming exact revenge on Ko Fei for killing his grandmother played by Chiang Seng
I felt this film definitely had some original touches and loved the fights from the fuller figured Chow Mei Yee.

Ninja in The Deadly Trap (1985)
Set During the Ming era a Japanese Defense Minister( Yausaki Kurata)
hires a gang of ninjas to steal a Chinese fighting manual ,
A Ming General (Ti Lung) recruits some kung fu experts to prevent the ninjas from obtaining the Manual lots of of Stand out fights from Venoms Philip Kwok Chung Fung
(also the action choreographer & director) , Chiang Seng and Lu Feng

Rivals Of Kung Fu (1974) Shaw Bothers
Wong Fei Hung (Shut Chiung Tin) school comes under attack from villain Shek Kin and is forced to defend his reputation & honour
well choreographed fights from Leung Siu Chung (Bruce Leung's Dad) with a solid supporting cast from Yeng Pan Pan ,Lily Li , Bruce Le and Ricky Hui

Raiders of buddist kung-fu (1982)
I bought the Vengeance video DVD which had a deceptively classy cover

But unfortunately didn't resemble much from the cover art lol
Santa plays an Evil oppressive Manchu while Lin Ke Ming plays the hero in what culminates to a hilarious showdown.
Despite not being a particularly great film
( Sorry to offend anyone who liked it) it gave me & my wife a giggle

The Killer (1989)
Years ago I had the Made in Hong Kong VHS version and recently I picked this up cheap on DVD and decided to give it a re-watch
John Woo influenced many American film-makers who'd seen The Killer
still a good film that despite its age hasn't dated too much a great cast with Chow Yun Fat , Danny Lee Sau-Yin ,Sally Yeh Tse Man and Shing Fui On.

The Woman Avenger (1980)
This flim blew me away!
I watched on account of all the great reviews it had on FLK.

Ha Kwong Li plays a woman whilst travelling with her husband is attacked by bandits her husband is murdered and she is raped and left for dead she is rescued by a buddist nun who teaches her the Dragon Fist style and she then goes and tracks the bandits one by one
and later enlists the help of Lau Shan to help her defeat Pang Gang
This maybe a new favourite |:o

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Postby KeungKau » Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:32 pm

Hard Bastard (1981)
Hwang Jang Lee plays a travelling medicine man and musician(trumpet)
who teams up with Cliff Lok to take down a gangster syndicate nice fights from Thunderlegs and some cheeky sampling of Pink Floyd's Time :)

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