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Postby KeungKau » Sun May 03, 2015 11:27 am

Excellent News Pete Sr

I've been trying to keep up with the classics recently.

I watched Choi Lee Fat (1979) which I hadn't seen before was wicked.
Really great cast in it Cliff Lok , Yeung Pan Pan , Ko Fei and
Chiu Chi Ling in a cameo some excellent fights in this one.

Also finally got round to watching Buddist Fist (1980)
I remember reading PeteJr described this film as the mother of shapes
and its easily to see why! I was enthralled the entire flim.
the Yuen Clan big in the game on this one.
Loved Tsui Siu Ming , Old Man and Lee Hoi San.

I Saw Two on The Road aka Fearless Dragons for the first time too some nice plot twists Beardy & Ko Fei's bouts were brilliant along with The Mayor putting in a fine performance.

After that it was another Beardy flim I hadn't seen before
my life's on the line with Beardy as the villian as I recall correctly was quite nice aswell.

Still trying to keep up with the films and remain inspired by the greats.

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Postby KeungKau » Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:29 pm

Even with the world turning and the demands of life
I still try and make time for martial arts films ,
I have been trying to watch films I've still not seen there is a extensive back catalogue out there and sifting through the good and the bad.

Firstly I saw Ironheart (1992) a American Martial Arts Film
with a Korean actor Britto K Lee as a tough cop avenging the death of his partner
Richard Norton and Bolo play the baddies the film is a typical B movie to be honest Bolo is the best thing in it probably would only give it a 3 or 4 out of 10.

On to the more traditional stuff I watched The Crane Fighter (1979) with
July Lee (Chia Ling) I liked her performance although I haven't seen much of her work to be honest it was mildly entertaining

Shaolin Iron Claws (1978) this had a few nice fight scenes with Wong Tao and Lee Yi Ming and Chang Yi and the lovely Hwa Ling

Seven Steps Of Kung (1979)
Apparently this film shook up late night and its easy to see why this is a classic with Ricky Cheng Tien Chi in the starring role although I think
Chai Kai and Chen Shan steal the show.

Of Cooks and Kung Fu (1979)
This was a really original film Jacky Chen and another winning combination with Chai Kai and Chen Shan.
The Training sequences in this film were unique and the fight scenes didn't disappoint!

Dragon On Shaolin Tower (1977)
This was a crazy Taiwanese film! Locals fight with Japanese who pair up with a gang of bad guys to wipe out Chinese Patriots.
The training was pretty extreme guys chopping vegetables off their stomach and walking along blades and climbing ladders with knives for rungs made me winch.
Nice fights though.

Death Duel Of Mantis (1978)
This was a good film a naive young man (Ting Hwa Chung) is recruited unknowingly into a gang by charismatic boss (Lung Fei) master of the chicken fist and then realises he's been duped and then learns the mantis style to counteract the boss very good fights from lady Kam Yin Fei this was one of the best films I watched recently.

Dragon Claws(1979)
This film was wicked!
Lau Kar Yung as the good guy , Hwang Jang Lee as the Villain,
Yuen Qiu ( LandLady From Kung Fu Hustle) as Lau Kar Yung's mum.
This film had everything you'd want in a kung fu film a cohesive story line,
Training sequences and some bad ass fights as well as a epic finale

Passage Of The Dragon aka Twins (1981)
This film blew my socks off absolutely brilliant two long lost twins are reunited and learn the Dragon & Phoenix Style to destroy Ghost Rider Palm style
Some excellent fights top cast the lovely Michelle Mai Suet kicks ass along side Ang Sang against bad guys Jason Pai Piao and Wong Chi Sang?
Chiu Chi Ling has a small funny cameo as well.

Secret Of Shaolin Poles (1977)
Pops choreographed actor , stellar cast Meng Fei plays Fong Sai Yuk
Flash Legs as his crippled trainer , Kurata as the bad guy with
Lau Kar Wing playing a supporting role.
Some cool fights and training sequences in this one.

Shaolin Vs Manchu (1984)
This was a interesting film with some good fights a Manchu infiltrates the Shaolin Temple to cause disruption and descent in the temple so the temple is hijacked by Manchu's while the monks seek revenge to restore order in at Shaolin.
This film had a northern style flavor to it with a good story line.

Shaolin Temple 4
This was a nice film lots of fights as royalty takes refuge in the temple while The Ching army try and kidnap a Princess who's bodyguard is trained up at the temple.

Daggers 8 (1980)
After hearing alot about this film I finally got round to watching it
Original training sequences , well choreographed fight scenes and a nice story arc.
If I can recall correctly the was one of Silver & Gold Dragon's favourites?

Silver & Gold Dragon
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Postby Silver & Gold Dragon » Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:03 pm

On the 20th I watched RUMBLE IN THE BRONX and POLICE STORY on the 21st. As it was 10 years to the day since I first watched them.

Those films changed my life back then, I had seen other Chan films but POLICE STORY was the first 'true' HK film I ever saw. I don't think RUMBLE seemed so unintentionally silly in parts when I first watched it.

20th January 2006 was a Friday night and on British TV; POLICE STORY aired on Channel 5 sometime around 21:00 (UTC/GMT)(I was a sleep at the time it aired but, I think almost the first thing I did on the Saturday morning of the 21st was watch the VHS recording of it).

RUMBLE IN THE BRONX broadcasted on the same night on BBC 1 at 23:05 (UTC/GMT) I watched this with my Mum as it broadcasted. (That was a very late time for me to be awake at, back then).

Here's a (badly) filmed youtube video, showing a small bit of my VHS recordings:[url link=VHS recordings of Jackie Chan films that aired on UK TV on 20th January 2006. ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muf2KjV5_Tk[/url]

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Postby KeungKau » Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:07 pm

Was Police Story broadcast in Cantonese?
I remember the first time I watched in the old CUT 4front VHS video version that was English Dubbed It always made me laugh when Jackie Chan asked for a cup of tea with a cockney accent.

I think they redubbed the Hong Kong Legends dvd with a new English Dub?

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Postby SuperK » Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:20 pm

I always prefer the old school dubs as opposed to the new ones.

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Postby KeungKau » Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:22 pm

I agree I'm not a big fan of the new English dubs.
I have the Hong Kong Connection DVD of Bastard Swordsman which is badly dubbed.

The same can be said for new dubs on DVD compared to the VHS Versions
especially Jackie Chan films like Meals on Wheels , Drunken Master ,
Twin Dragons,The Heart Of Dragon being different English dubs from the VHS.

Same with Jet Li's Twin Warriors aka Tai-Chi Master on VHS and then
released on Cine Asia with a different dub on DVD.

In regards to films I watched recently firstly I saw

Fist Of Legends 2 Iron Bodyguards ( 1996 )
Action choreographed by Robert Tai with Jet Le as the principal character
and Bolo Yeung with second billing I enjoyed the fights and was impressed with Todd Senofonte playing the Russian the DvD also had a interesting interview with Robert Tai as a bonus feature.

Nextly Tai-Chi Boxer aka Tai Chi 2 (1996)
This film was choreographed by Yuen-Woo-Ping with Jacky Wu as the lead a great story how Chinese defend themselves against British Opium peddling Imperialists
Some nice fights from supporting cast with Yu Hai , Billy Chow and the late Darren Shahlavi and the two lovely ladies in the mix Sibelle Hu & Christy Chung

Disciple Of Shaolin Master (1981)
There were some cool training sequences and end fight
in this film with Wong Tao ,
There was also some good fights from Lung Fei and Lo Chi Yeh as the
White haired villian .

The FlashLegs aka Shaolin Deadly Kicks (1977)
with Tan Tao Liang opposite Lo Leih as the baddie
Flash Legs almost single handedly takes a gang of thieves with some help from
Doris Lung Chung Erh who also makes a good impression.

The Mighty Four (1977)
With Casanova Wong as the main character I didn't overly enjoy watching this although Casanova's method of putting out candles whilst training was fun.

Rivals Of Silver Fox (1982)
Again with Casanova but a far superior film IMO to The Mighty Four
Casanova is trained by Philip Ko Fei to defeat the Devil Lodge Gang this was enjoyable film choreographed by Chan Siu Pang.

Kung Fu and the Hot Yoga Girl(1979)

With Chi Kuan Chun this film started off well with quite a interesting story but half way through it took a more comedic tone with a few nods to SITES with the Jackie Chan Character and Beggar Soo character from Drunken Master it would be interesting to know what happened to Phoenix Yue Shing Fung
Overall though I liked this film.

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Postby KeungKau » Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:25 pm

Recently I sat down to watch Golden Ninja Warrior (1986)
I picked it up for 75p second-hand so decided to give it a go.
The plot revolved around two group of gangs trying to acquire the
Golden Ninja Statue, with Queenie Yang as the principal character she has a few nice moves I've never really seen any of the IFD ninja films so this was a first for me people changing into Ninja Uniforms in a flash lol
Probably ok for a one-time view personally but some nicely choreographed action.

Revenge Of The Ninja (1983)
The Cannon produced film which is a sequel to Enter The Ninja
(which I've not watched) starring Sho Kosugi was quite fun in my opinion
Alot of gratuitous violence especially with shruikens being thrown into people.
Kosugi's son Kane fights particularly well despite being only a young boy.
I've heard he has done quite a few films now ?
Keith Vitali from Wheels on Meals has a supporting role.

Also I just watched The Invincible Armor (1977) For the first time.
All I can say is it was wicked easy to see why it has been rated as one of the best loved kung-fu films of all time.
Even though Hwang Jang Lee plays the baddie you still secretly like him lol
KO Fei was also on form along with John Liu & one of my favourites Lee Hoi San.

After Reading a recommendation from Eagles Claw I watched
The Rebellious Reign (1980)
This film had a cohesive story-line with fantastic action all the way |:o
I didn't know Jimmy Lee Fong was so great at kung-fu I'd only ever remembered him in contemporary Hong-Kong films like Lee Rock, Legend Of The Dragon &
God Of Gamblers.
Norman Tsui Siu Keung was great as the villain and always nice to see
Chan Wai Lau , Mo Man Sau the woman had a few good moves too shame not to see her in much else.

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Postby KeungKau » Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:35 am

His name is nobody (1979)
Lau Kar Wing a small time swindler looking for bigger and better things latches onto Dean Shek who becomes his mentor both get involved with Karl Maka who convinces them to try and get into the assassination business which goes awry
then Beardy becomes Lau Kar Wing's new mentor.
I liked this film alot interestingly it was written by Raymond Wong Bat Ming
and had a good supporting cast Chung Fat , Chiu Chi Ling , Lam Ching Ying , Mars.
Nicely choreographed fights from Lau Kar Wing top film +++++++

Seven Man Army (1976)
A Shaw Brothers film with a vast array of actors in this one.
This one was set in the 1930's during a Japanese Invasion of
The Republic of China , Seven Chinese Soldiers defend a strategic point against a insurmountable Japanese army.
The story gave quite alot of depth to the characters and had a classy ending with a great soundtrack
Although at some point I thought why don't the Japanese Army just shoot them?
Out of all the cast Lee I Min's and Fu Sheng's characters impressed me the most not to take anything away from the others but I felt they really stood out
This one had loads of people in it Che Kuan Tai , Chi Kuan Chun ,David Chiang , Beardy, The Mayor, Santa and Chan Wai Lau

Outlaw Brothers(1990)
I think this film is considered New Wave?
I'm a fan of proper kung fu fights in modern settings so I enjoyed this one.
Frankie Chan Fan Kei plays the lead this one alongside Max Mok Siu Chung as two Porsche thieves.
The fights in this film were very good done both by Fung Hark On and
Yuen Shun Lee
For an action-comedy this one didn't disappoint IMO it had a nice suppoting cast too with Yukari Oshima as Frankie Chan's love interest and tough cop,
Michiko Nishiwaki , Sharon Kwok Sau Wan , Mark Houghton and Jeff Falcon in minor roles.

Recommended ++++++

36 Deadly Styles (1979)
Lots of silly syrups in this film but some well choreographed fights
Cheung Lik adopted by monks discovers his real family are hiding out from badman Hwang Jang Lee and trains up in the styles ,
Some cool training sequences and good fights I would have hoped to have seen more of Jack Long fight in this one |:o really liked Jeannie Chang Wing Wing
Bolo and Fan Mei Shang.

Fatal Needles Vs Fatal Fists (1979)
Lo Lieh and Wong Tao start out town heroes after Lo Lieh accidentally gets killed during a fight Wong Tao blames himself and becomes a coward until he realises his true value and defends the town once again against opium dealers lead by Chang Yi.
Jimmy Fong Lee and Hwa Ling put in some work in this one.
Some good fights throughout not bad.

Along Comes A Tiger(1977)
Produced by the lead in this film Wong Tao.
I bought the Rarescope DVD second-hand sadly the disc was scratched so it stopped half way through ;*O
I did managed to see the fight with Philip Ko Fei though will have to try and fix the disc so it is at least playable or otherwise I will need a replacement!

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Postby KeungKau » Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:50 pm

The Convict Killer (1980)
Produced by Shaw Brothers , Ti Lung plays the protagonist after before incarcerated for 15 years upon release he goes in pursuit of the black leopard (Jason Pai Piao)and is forced to take on the seven killers with the assistance of a government official (Tony Lau Wing ) lots of nice action Ti Lung wields his Iron Chain in a lot of the fights choreographed by Tony Gaai & Wong Paul Gei.

Boxer From The Temple (1980)
A baby is abandoned by a lunatic mother at a monastery and is adopted and raised by monks, the child grows into a young man (Ng Yuen Jun) and constantly quarrels with other students at the temple ,
one particular monk takes pity on him and teaches him the Lohan Style.
However he is expelled and heads into a nearby town and defends a group of restaurateurs against a group of bullies who in turn take him in where he incurs the wrath of local crime bosses and is forced into a final confrontation.

Really enjoyed the flow and pace of this film with great action throughout |:o

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Postby KeungKau » Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:55 am

Hi Chi no I wasn't aware it was inspired from Once Upon a Time in the West.
I really like Charles Bronson ( the actor ) Hard Times , The Great Escape and Death Wish are fun films to watch , I've not seen any Death Wish sequels or
The Mechanic though.

I'm hoping I can fix the Along Comes A Tiger disc as it has Toby Russell and
Wong Tao doing a commentary on the film aswell.

I've just watched Firefist Of Incredible Dragon (1982)
Made by FilmMark International and produced by Thomas Tang filmed in SouthKorea
I can only describe it as a supernatural martial arts movie with a flying heart
that kills people the fights are short and snappy not really sure what to make of this film ?
Have any of the members watched it?
I found a brief review online.


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