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Back to the beyond TVB 1987

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:38 pm

Stephen Chow plays Kwan Hoi San's student. While he is returning to his master's house, he witnesses a fight during Chang Yi and Austin Wai. This latter takes him as a hostage and Chang Yi has to put down his sword in order to free Stephen Chow ; hence, he is hurt by Austin Wai, and he falls from the cliff. Stephen Chow (SC)falls as well and they save each other, but Chang Yi is badly hurt and SC brings him to his master, who is a doctor, in order that he saves him.

Later, SC and Kwan Hoi San(KHS) meet a theater troop and SC falls for the daughter, who knows martial arts. During a rehearsal, there is an accident and the magistrate's wife is hurt. SC and his master bring her to her house in order that KHS can cure her and there, SC recognizes Austin Wai, who is a kind of exorcist working for the magistrate.

I forgot to mention that after the fight between Austin Wai (AW) and Chang Yi (CY), AW has opened a grave and took out a book that he uses in order to become more powerful and then, he becomes another man with white long hair and a very powerful martial arts skill.

While they are walking in the forest by night, SC and his lover meet a ghost couple who are chased by AW (if I saw well) and they succeed in saving them.

Later, there is another fight betwwen CY and AW but CY is once again defeated and he leaves in order to ask for help from his master (if I heard well) ; I also forgot to mention that AW and CY were disciples from the sams master.

As there are a lot of murders, the people of the village believ that it's the girl with whom SC is in love who is a ghost and kills them, and SC has to tell them that it's AW who is the killer. In front of the magistrate, AW succeeds in making people that he is innocent and he even tell them that the girl is also innocent, because he wants her for him.

When she discovers that, the magistrate's wife has a quarrell with him because she is jealous and he hurts her, btu can't kill her because her maid arrives, so, in order to get rid of SC, he asks the magistrate's men to go to fetch him in order that she cures his mistress. KHS is very ill and SC doesn't want to leave him, but he is forced to and, while he is trying to cure the magistrat's wife, AW uses his black magic in order to kill her and holds SC responsible of it.

Then, AW wants to take the girl he ants with him, but her father hides her and he and all the comedians are killed by AW, who puts the theater on fire and the girl momentarily looses her sight.

When he returns from his master's house, CY finds the girl and KHS who is dying and he goes to the prison in order to save SC, but he can't and this latter is decapitated, but he returns from the dead in order to cure the girl he loves and when she discovers that he has become a ghost, she wants to kill herself but she is saved by the ghost couple and she, SC and CY escape in order to go somewhere to find help (if I understood well).

Listening to his kind heart, SC saves an ill baby, but his mother tells AW that she has saw the three fugitives and they are chased by AW.

After another great fight, he is finally killed in the beyond, and the girl decides to stay with SC in the beyond instead of returning to the Earth with CY.

Good movie, with a few good fights and a good plot.

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