The hero from Shanghai TVB 1992

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The hero from Shanghai TVB 1992

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Cast : Gallen Lo, Eddie Cheung, Maggie Siu, Felix Lok, Cheng Lei, Lily Li, Lo Meng

The series takes place in Shanghai in 1934.

The series begins with a train in which some people are exchanging a golden sabre for money in the restaurant of the train. Then, the train is attacked by Gallen Lo riding a horse and using darts as weapons and he steals the golden sabre, while a lady (Maggie Siu) who was witnessing the scene gets rid of her dress and fights with him in order to get the sabre too.

Later, Maggie Siu meets Eddie Cheung in his club and tries to kill him (or maybe it was a fake attempt, I donâ??t know, since I got the series in Vietnameseâ?¦) but later, we see that they are actually friends.
Maggie Siu and her father (Cheng Lei) try to get back the golden sabre and there is a fight with Gallen Lo, but Cheng Lei has a kind of asthma crisis and Gallen Lo cures him using acupuncture and they finally become friends.
Gallen Lo meets a group of children who seem to have a master who is a beggar and an expert in martial arts. From what I understood, he was a kind of boss in the town, but he has been attacked by Felix Lok and he lost his memory. Each time he thinks he is in danger, he fights and kills even his friends.

Eddie Cheung has a rival who tries to kill him and he also fights with Cheng Lei (I donâ??t remember why) and he hides in a church where he is cured by Lily Li, who is his mother, from what I understood. When Cheng Lei goes to the church in order to kill him, he fights with Lily Li and they recognize each other as being their respective lovers years ago.

Later, Cheng Lei and other people meet with the beggar in order to restore him in his former position, but he has a kind of madness crisis and he kills Cheng Lei believing that he is in danger. Maggie Siu sees it and she swears that she will avenge her father, who gives her a jade pendant before dying.

Lo Meng, whose sister has fallen for Eddie Cheung (while this latter has fallen for Maggie Siu) was Cheng Leiâ??s student and together with Maggie Siu, they decide to avenge Cheng Lei and kill the beggar, but they fail and Lo Meng is prisoner of the big boss (Felix Lok).

This latterâ??s wife was the child lover of Gallen Lo and when he recognizes her, he discovers that she is married and that she is an opera actress. During a representation, Eddie Cheung and his rival (who had tried to sell Maggie Siu to a foreigner and help him to rape her, but she had been saved by both Eddie Cheung and Gallen Lo, who are friends) discover that one of the actors is the big boss, who is almost killed by Cheng Leiâ??s friends (with the help of Eddie Cheung, who plays a double game all along the series) and Eddie Cheung has to kill some of them in order to keep his cover in the gang.

Later, Felix Lok discovers that he has a son from a former lover who accidentally dies trying to escape him and he keeps the boy (who was from the children group met by Gallen Lo earlier)with his wifeâ??s help.

There are a lot of twists and plots involving Maggie Siu, Gallen Lo and Eddie Cheung, the three of them saving the life of each other several times. The beggar, who was Felix Lokâ??s prisoner, is saved by Gallen Lo and several friends of his and later by Maggie Siu who helps them, but they fall in the sea and they awake on a desert island. There Gallen Lo and Maggie Siu fall in love and they discover the beggar, who believes that Maggie Siu is his daughter. Actually, she has only one idea : to kill him and she even fights with Gallen Lo in order to stop him when he tries to save the beggar. On the island, they are attacked by Felix Lokâ??s men and Maggie Siu is surprised to see how the beggar risks his own life in order to save her, and they are finally helped by Eddie Cheung, and they are back in town, but they are always chased by Felix Lokâ??s men and by a Japanese ninja girl who appears later in the series and is an expert in martial arts too.

Later, Gallen Lo is severely hurt and he is paralysed and it appears that only his child lover can save him by giving her blood, but she is spotted by her husband and the Japanese girl, so, Maggie Siu makes everybody believe that Felix Lokâ??s wife is her hostage and they escape from the hospital with Gallen Loâ??s mother and her loverâ??s help and Gallen Lo is finally cured and saved and later, when she realizes that Gallen Lo has fallen for Maggie Siu, Felix Lokâ??s wife leaves.

After still other plots and twists, we finally learn that Felix Lok had murdered the beggarâ??s wife and had fought the beggar with his men. Lily Li and Cheng Lei were his servants and they tried to escape with three children: two boys and a girl. As they were chased, one of Felix Lokâ??s men killed the elder boy and the couple decided to avoid staying together and Cheng Lei took a direction with the little girl, while Lily Li took another direction with her own son. As the beggar and Maggie Siu have the same jade pendant, it appears that Maggie Siu is the beggarâ??s daughter, but Lily Li wants to kill him because he killed Cheng Lei and she asks her son to kill him, so, itâ??s now Maggie Siu and Gallen Lo against Eddie Cheung, who is still friend with Gallen Lo, though.

Though Lo Mengâ??s sister (Lo Meng has been killed by the beggar and Lily Li also wants to avenge him) loves him and lives with him, Eddie Cheung is still in love with Maggie Siu and he almost rapes her after having being alsmot killed by the bossâ??men and the Japanese men and he fights with Gallen Lo, but they finally reconciliate and they decide to kill Felix Lok in order to help the beggar getting back his empire.

However, the beggar doesnâ??t suffer from amnesia anymore (after having fallen on a stone in a fight with Lily Li) and he doesnâ??t listen to his daughter and he kills many people he thinks they went against him and one day, he is trapped by the Japanese girl and her men and he is finally killed.

The Japanese girl wants the boss for herself and she makes the boy being addicted to drugs (if I understood well) and she makes Felix Lok believe that his wife and Gallen Lo have an affair (after having kidnapped them and given them a kind of aphrodisiac drugs) and he beats Gallen Lo and imprisons his wife in her old house. But later, he discovers that the Japanese girl has tried to poison him and that she drugs his son and he is furious, but he canâ??t kill her because she is protected by the Japanese big boss who orders her to do all what she does.

When she learns that Lo Mengâ??s sister is pregnant, Lily Li tells his son and he has no other choice than to marry her, but on the wedding day, the beggar appears with his men and there is a fight in which Lily Li is killed. Then, Eddie Cheung decides to avenge her and kill him and the Japanese girl helps him to do so (that's what I wrote just above, sorry , my synopsis is a little bit messed up, but there are so many things to relate, that itâ??s difficult to keep the right orderâ?¦).

Eddie Cheung finally plots with both the Japanese side and with Gallen Lo and Maggie Siu in order to revenge for the beggar and install Maggie Siu as the new boss and Felix Lok finally commits suicide with his wife when he sees that he wonâ??t be able to defeat his enemies. Later, Gallen Lo has doubts about Eddie Cheung, though this latter helps him to escape after he has been prisoner of the Japanese girl and there is finally a big fight between the two friends and Maggie Siu when Eddie Cheung reveals that itâ??s him with the Japaneseâ??s help who killed the beggar and he escapes in a labyrinth and Gallen Lo and Maggie Siu are hurt, but they finally defeat Eddie Cheung and they stay with his widow and their baby.

Superb series and superb plot.
Iâ??m sorry to be unable to give a clearer synopsis of the plot but first, there are so many things happening in each episode and second, it is in Vietnamese language, so, itâ??s difficult to properly explain what I saw and in the right order without giving too many spoilersâ?¦

Additional comment : the first series I saw Gallen Lo in was Cold blood warm heart and he played such a bad guy that I was very " angry " with him. After watching this series, he has " amended " himself in my opinion and I enjoyed seeing him playing the hero.

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