In search of aka The deadly sword TVB 1980

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In search of aka The deadly sword TVB 1980

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:35 pm

As I got this series in Vietnamese language, I didn't understand a word, so, sorry if there are some mistakes and if someone has got it in Chinese and wants to correct me, he or she is welcome.

The cast : Patrick Tse Yin, Wong Shu Tong, Tong Ngai, Deborah Lee and other familiar Shaw Brothers'/TVB actors, but I don't know their names...

Tse Yin is a rich man who looks for power. He marries a girl who has a sister (who is played by Deborah Lee, is Iâ??m not mistaken).

During a kind of exposition of several weapons, Tse Yin quarrels with another rich man regarding a knife and later, he kills him.

When he discovers that his wife is aware of what he has done, he kills her, and then kills the guy he had asked for throwing the corpse into the sea.

Wong Shu Tong plays a righteous constable who is in love with Deborah Lee. When he learns that her sister has disappeared, he decides to investigate.

Meanwhile, he and his men intercept a convoy of what they believe to be stolen precious goods, but when they open the boxes, they discover that there are only stones in the boxes, and Wong Shu Tong is accused by the magistrate to have stolen the goods. He escapes with Deborah and they hide.

Meanwhile, Tse Yin has met a prince and his daughter and he decides to marry her and get more power with this marriage.
Before and after that, he has committed other murders and we discover that his mother is imprisoned in his house, and that she is half mad. He goes to see a man who is also a prisoner and they quarrel.

Later, the prisoner manages to escape and he hides in the same house where Wong Shu Tong and his wife have found a shelter.

The two men fight and during the fight, the break the wall and they find a hook as sharp as a blade and then, the man tells Wong Shu Tong the story of this hook and they finally discover that the man is Wong Shu Tong and Tse Yinâ??s father, that the two men are twins, that itâ??s Tse Yinâ??s mother husband who has raised Tse Yin and imprisoned his wife because he was angry against her because she had fallen for Wong Shu Tongâ??s father due to her husband violence towards her.

Tse Yin is an evil man, who doesnâ??t hesitate to kill his mother, but I didnâ??t understand why.

Wong Shu Tongâ??s wife realizes that she wonâ??t be able to stay with him if she wants to get revenge for her sister and kill Tse Yin, so, she leaves after a quarrel with Wong Shu Tong.

This latter and his father go to see Tse Yin and when this latter discovers the truth, he seems to be happy to know that.

With his father and his brotherâ??s help, he succeeds in killing his adoptive father, and also the chief of a kind of sect who gave him orders, but later, he poisons his real father and when this latter has a duel with a former friend (the one who had helped him to escape Tse Yinâ??s adoptive father and to save his baby), he his hurt and dies due to the poison.

His friend then goes to Wong Shu Tongâ??s house and tells him and his wife (who returned with him after having failed in killing Tse Yin) what happened and Wong Shu Tong is furious and wants to go to kill Tse Yin, but his fatherâ??s friend tells him that first, he has to take care of his wife because she is pregnant, and second, that he has to train with the hook in order to be able to kill Tse Yin, who is himself trained by Tong Ngai, who was his adoptive fatherâ??s lieutenant and became blind due to the hook brightness.

Unfortunately, Tse Yin finds where the couple and their friend is hiding and he kills the friend and the couple has to escape, but in order that the baby doesnâ??t cry, Wong Shu Tong shuts his mouth with his hand, but the poor baby dies and his mother becomes half mad and during a fight with Tse Yinâ??s men, she is killed.

The twins finally have a big fight and Wong Shu Tong finally gets revenge for his father and his family. Superb series. Once again, Tse Yin plays an evil character and he plays him so well that he is hatable (much more than in the series The fallen family I talked about in a previous postâ?¦). The fights are very good.

Adam Cheng sings the theme song, a very good one.

I was told on another forum that this series is an adaptation of Gu Longâ??s novel Seven weapons.

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