The sacred commandments TVB 1985

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The sacred commandments TVB 1985

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:33 pm

Knowing that the aka for this series is Holy flame of the martial world, I understand better why I found this series so strange ! Strange hair cut, strange costumes (as it was said in the forum specnet, the main actors seem to come from the series Star Trek ; the zip on the back of the top of Austin Wai's clothes is clearly seen...), strange sets, with columns wrapped in plastic paper, strange magical weapons, strange superpowers, strange kung fu (the laughing kung fu, the crying kung fu...), and even a kind of exorcist who resurrects a dead villain !!! But what an entertaining series !!

The series begins with a reunion of five clans (if I remember well) including Shaolin and maybe Emei or Wudang, if it exists a female section in Wudang (the abbess was in grey clothes such as in Emei clan, but it seems to me that I heard Wu Tang. As it was in Cantonese, I can't give enough informations).
While they are challenging each other in order to know who will rule (if I'm not mistaken), a couple using strange powerful mirrors comes and defeats them, but they all decide to trap them.
Ha Yue plays a shaolin disciple, who falls in love with a girl from Emei (in my review, I decide that it will be Emei...) and they don't agree with what their elders are doing to the couple, so, they help them to escape when they are hurt. Unfortunately, the couple is badly hurt and they give the two mirrors to Ha Yue and his lover and they commit suicide.

Then, the story jumps a few years later : Ha Yue and his wife are parents of a young boy and a baby girl. While Ha Yue is at the inn in order to buy wine, the merchant is hit by people of the sects who are still looking for the couple and though he takes risks, he helps the merchant and defeats the men. He thinks that nobody has seen him, but together with the men, there were several girls from Emei and later, all the five clans come to his house and the couple has to fight (actually, the mother doesn't fight, since she has to carry the baby) and they escape with the help of the elder of Shaolin. However, they are chased by the other ones and the abbess kills her former disciple and kidnaps the baby. Ha Yue is so sad by his wife's death that he commits suicide and the boy is saved by an old man using a kind of mass looking like a tiger and uses his crying kung fu to defeat his enemies.
Meanwhile, a family (father, mother and a little girl) are chased by other members of the sects and they are killed. The little girl is saved by a woman who uses her laughing kung fu in order to defeat her enemies. She is friend with the old man and the two of them teach their kung fu to the young boy and the young girl.

14 years later, the boy is now a man, played by Austin Wai, and the girl is a woman played by Angie Chiu, and they leave their masters in order to get revenge for Austin's parents death.
While they are spying on another reunion of the five clans, they meet a young disciple of Emei, played by Jamie Chik, and a young disciple of another sect played by Tung Wei. His chief is hidden in a kind of plastic box, and his two lieutenants use a zithar and a jembe as weapons and they defeat the other clans.
Of course, I forgot to tell that all the sects are looking for the mirrors of the beginning of the series, so, in order to know where they are, Tung Wei befriends Austin Wai and Angie Chiu, and the abbess sends Jamie Chik to spy on them and get the mirrors.
Jamie and Tung Wei fall for each other, and after a lot of twists and very good fights, it is discovered that Tung Wei was in this sect in order to get revenge on the chief (if I understood well) and that Jamie Chik is actually Austin Waiâ??s sister.
The chief has super super powers and the four friends are almost defeated, but they are helped by a woman with also super powers and they can escape.
Later, the woman kills the chief, but the exorcist resurrects him and there is a super final fight, with flying heads, flying heroes and good fights...

For those who arenâ??t against a mix of martial arts and super heroes, it's worth watching.

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