The hawk TVB 1981

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The hawk TVB 1981

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Adam Cheng plays Ting Lan, who belongs to the hawk clan and is a bounty hunter. One day, he meets a young woman called Zhao Lin, who is dressed as a man and impersonates him and in order to make fun on her, he leads her to a brothel and when she asks him to take â?? him â?? as a student, he shows her that he found her hairpin and he tells her that he doesnâ??t take female students, but they become friends.

Later, Ting Lanâ??s mother asks him to return home and she wants him to marry Ni Tian Er (played by Angie Chiu), but, as he doesnâ??t want to marry her (he never met her), his mother imprisons him in a dungeon, where he meets his nephew Ting Shao Bai. However, on the wedding day, Ting Lan succeeds in escaping from home and with Shao Baiâ??s help he leaves the town.

During their journey, they meet Zhao Lin again and she presents Ting Lan to her father (Iâ??ll call him Master Zhao, since I didnâ??t hear his name clearly), played by Kwan Hoi San. There, Ting Lan meets also a guy he had met a while ago, Fei Qing Lung (if I heard well), who is a kind of lieutenant for Master Zhao. Fei Qing Lung is in love with Zhao Lin, but she only loves Ting Lan and she is absolutely convinced that Ting Lan loves her too.

Ting Lan has a friend called Lao San, who has a daughter A Yin, who falls in love with Shao Bai, but her brother doesnâ??t want her to follow Shao Bai.

As the weeding was postponed, Tian Er left her house and began a journey in order to find her future husband. While Ting Lan and his friend Lao San are in a town, they hear of a beautiful new courtesan called Su Su, who is interested only in swordsmen and Ting Lan finally discovers her and is totally fond of her. Of course, it happens that itâ??s Ni Tian Er, but he doesnâ??t know it, while she knows who he is since he gives her his real name when they meet.

After a few adventures, they finally return to the Tingsâ?? house and they marry, but on the wedding day, the woman who raised Tian Er is hurt by some guys and she has to escape together with Tian Er, this latterâ??s uncle, her maid Ze Tin, Ting Lan and also Zhao Ling, who, though she is very angry with Ting Lan because she still believes that he loves her, has decided to help them to save the old woman. While the couple, Ze Tin and Tian Erâ??s uncle fight with some assassins, Zhao Lin comes to help them and the sedan bearers try to kill the old lady, but she is saved by Ting Lan. Tian Er is so angry against Zhao Lin because she had promised to stay with the old lady instead of helping them that she hits her with her sword and Ting Lan is very shocked by his wifeâ??s behavior and he is angry with her and leaves with Zhao Lin hurt in his arms in order to lead her to her father, while Tian Er, her uncle and the wounded old lady try to find a new shelter.

During their escape, they are helped by Lao San, who learns that Tian Er is actually the daughter of two famous members of the Moon Sect and when he is on his way to Ting Lan, he is badly hurt by men who are under Master Zhaoâ??s wifeâ??s orders and who are chasing Tian Er in order to kill her and her familyâ??s members. Before dying, Lao San tells Ting Lan about his wife and gives him a plan in order that he can reunite with them. Unfortunately, when he arrives in the cave where they were hiding, he only finds the corpses of the old lady and the men who attacked her, and he is desperate because he doesnâ??t know where his wife is.

Tian Er, Ze Tin and Tian Erâ??s uncle are still trying to escape to the men who want to kill them and they finally find the house where the Moon Sect lived 20 years ago and they find a manual in a cave and Tian Er decides to learn how to use her crescent sabre in order to get revenge for her parents.

Actually, Master Zhao is the real mastermind of those who want to get rid of all the members of the Moon Sect and he sends his wife to go to the Moon Sect Mansion in order to kill Tian Er, but when she is there, she recognized that Tian Erâ??s uncle is actually the man she loved and she had to leave in order to marry Zhao Linâ??s father. Both Tian Er and her uncle succeed in making her to stay with them, but later, they are attacked by Master Zhaoâ??s men and they are saved by Tian Er and her new skills. As they are both injured and lost a part of their skills Tian Erâ??s uncle and his former fiancée decide to leave and Tian Er leaves in order to go to kill Master Zhao. She meets Fei Qing Lung, who tells her that itâ??s him who is responsible for her parentsâ?? death, and he also tells her that Ting Lan is with Zhao Lin in order that she helps him to get rid of Ting Lan because he is jealous.

With the help of a family who worked for her family 20 years ago, Tian Er challenges Master Zhao (on a day where Ting Lan isnâ??t at the Zhaoâ??s house) and, while they are fighting, he falls from a cliff. Zhao Lin wants to kill her and Fei Qing Lung betrays her and tells everybody that she is from an evil sect and that she wants to rule the whole martial world and they all ( Shaolin, Wu Tang and another sect, who were summoned by Master Zhao) want to kill her. Ting Lan arrives and helps her, but when he learns that she has killed Master Zhao, he doesnâ??t understand her anymore and, instead of killing her, he hurts her right arm in order that she canâ??t use her crescent sword anymore, and he returns to the Zhaoâ??s mansion in order to make the other sects believe that he has killed his wife.

Zhao Lin thinks that she will then be able to marry him, while Fei Qing Lung , who has taken the head of the Zhaoâ??s mansion, is much more jealous and decides to do all what he can in order to get rid of his rival in her heart.

While Tian Er is escaping, she faints and she is saved by Shao Bai and A Yin, who live in a small house in the forest. When she recovers, she trains in her new skills (with her left hand) and Shao Bai spies on her and learns the crescent sword too.

One day, A Yinâ??s brother recognizes Tian Er in the street and he immediately tells Qing Lung that she is still alive and he takes some men in order to kill her and she is saved by Shao Bai with her own technique and Fei Qing Lung has to escape.

Ting Lan is so desperate to see that his wife doesnâ??t want to give up her vengeance and doesnâ??t want to see him anymore that he returns at home, but the Shaolin, Wu Tang and Zhao sects plot against them and they corrupt an official in order that he takes away their gold eagle symbol. There is a fight and Lady Tingâ??s lieutenants kill themselves and Ting Lanâ??s sister-in-law is killed, while he is trying to save his mother.

Ting Lan is so desperate that he leaves the town and goes to the desert where he befriends a man who belongs to the tribe of a Mongolian prince who had helped Tian Er, her uncle and Ze Tin when they were escaping and had discovered that Ze Tin was actually his cousin. Ze Tin has agreed to marry the Prince and they capture Ting Lan and his friend who were attacked by another group of Mongols, but Ting Lan hides his face in order that Ze Tin canâ??t recognize him. However, as both friends are about to be burnt, Ze Tin, her husband and their men are attacked by the other group of Mongols and Ting Lan escapes from the flames and helps them to get rid of their rivals and he escapes with his new friend (called Jiu, if Iâ??m not mistaken). Actually, the other group of Mongols is paid by Fei Qing Lung, who wants Ting Lan to be killed.

During their escape, Jiu and Ting Lan are totally exhausted and thristy and they faint in the desert. When he awakes, Ting Lan discovers that itâ??s Tian Er that has saved them and they finally make up after giving each other some explanations.

On Ze Tin and the princeâ??s wedding day, the prince is killed and Ze Tin is buried alived and tortured by Fei Qing Lungâ??s men who want her to tell them where is Tian Er and, in order to avoid talking, she swallows her tongue and dies. When Ting Lan and Tian Erâ??s uncle arrive, they find that they are dead and they return to Tian Er in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Fei Qing Lung has forced Zhao Lin to marry him, but on the wedding night, she wants to kill him and is killed by his sword by accident. Qing Lung is desperate and he discovers that Master Zhao isnâ??t dead and he is badly hurt by him and he escapes. He arrives in the Mongolian tribe and is discovered by Jiu, who talks too much and is unfortunately killed by Qing Lung when this latter( who has been saved and cured by Jiu) learns that he is Tiing Lanâ??s friend.

Ting Lan and his wife return to Ting Lanâ??s mother and they escape when they are chased by Master Zhaoâ??s men, but Ting Lan still doesnâ??t know that he is the mastermind. Itâ??s only when Shao Bai kills Fei Qing Lung in order to get revenge for his motherâ??s death that they finally understand who Master Zhao really is. This latter is so eager of power that he becomes half mad and is confident only in A Yinâ??s brother, who has a kind of devotion for him and often argue with his sister and doesnâ??t believe that his master could do harm to the Tings.

Finally, after a lot of twists, Tian Er and Ting Lan finally succeeds in killing Master Zhao, but Tian Er wants her husband to kill her in order that she doesnâ??t do harm to others because she belongs to an evil sect. Of course, he doesnâ??t want to and his friend the monk helps her to get rid of all her martial arts skills and she returns to her husband, while poor Shao Bai has lost the use of his right arm due to the bad wound he received from Fei Qing Lung before killing him.

Sorry if my review isnâ??t clear enough : I watched so many series in a short while, that I donâ??t remember clearly what I watched and maybe I didnâ??t described the scenes in the right orderâ?¦

What a superb series, and itâ??s so unusual to see Adam Cheng fighting with another weapon than a sword, a fan or bare hands. Here he fights with a triple section iron stick, each stick being linked to the others by an iron chain (sorry, Iâ??m not able to name properly the Chinese weaponsâ?¦) and he is excellent with this weapon as well as with all the other weapons he uses in his other series or movies.

And the songs are very good, as usualâ?¦

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