Legendary Qian Long part I 1991

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Legendary Qian Long part I 1991

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Main characters :
Emperor Qian Long/Huang Siye : Adam Cheng
Chunxi : his personal maid
Baozhu : his bodyguard
Jialiu : his eunuch
Minister Cao : his most trustful minister

First story

While he is travelling incognito in the country in order to see if the rules of the government are properly followed by his ministers, Qian Long meets two group of traders : the salt traders, lead by Chen Huaixiu (Angie Chiu), and the water traders lead by Mister Cao, who owns the ferries. The two gangs are oppressed by the government taxes and they struggle against each other.
Li Jin, the head assistant of the salt traders is in love with Chen Huaixiu since she took the lead of the gang after her fatherâ??s death, but she rapidly falls for Qian Long and he becomes jealous and want to kill him, especially when she decides to make him her head assistant after he has helped her against the Cao group. Later, they all discovered that actually, the two groups were lead to struggle against each other by a corrupted officer called Suo Lawang, who uses Lama monks to kill Li Jin and make the two groups to destroy each other.
When he recognizes Qian Long when he was about to destroy both gangs, everybody discover that Huang Siye is actually the emperor and he fights with Qian Long and tries to kill him, but the soldiers finally arrive and Qian Long has to separate from his new friends. He asks Chen Huaixiu to come with him to the Palace, but she doesnâ??t want too because she doesnâ??t want to leave her men and her salt business.

Later, she comes to the palace, but she finally refuses to become Qian Longâ??s concubine because she feels that she is only a common woman who cannot live with such a great person as the emperor and Qian Long is left totally desperate.

Second story

While he is on his way to go to Chengde in order to spend summer in his property, Qian Long meets in Mongolia a young woman called Shen Fang (Angie Chiu) and they sympathize. Later, he learns that she is on her way to collect a blood debt and they fall for each other.
Shen Fang is actually the daughter of a minister who was ordered to poison himself by the emperor because he had helped a lettered person (if I understood well). His wife has committed suicide and their daughter was sent as slave in another country. When she escaped, she was rescued by a couple and became their daughter. When he discover that Shen Fang wants to kill him, Qian Long returns to the palace in order to get informations on the case of the Shen family. Before leaving, he has been attacked by two men and a woman who wanted to kill him and he has been helped by Shen Fang. The three killers poison themselves and though they are still alive, they cannot speak not move anymore and one of them only said two words before becoming like a tree : Sui Tan.

Later, Baozhu is almost killed by the internal kung fu of an old man living in the Shenâ??s house while he was investigating it with Jialiu and Qian Long discovers later that this old man is actually an old servant of the Shens who wasnâ??t at home when the father was ordered to drink the poison and the mother hang herself. He also discovers that Sui Tan is an evil monk who exploit and rob the poor people in another country with his group of monks and Qian Long goes there with his four assistants.
He meet again with Shen Fang and later, she is kidnapped by the monks and thatâ??s Sui Tan who tells her that the one she believ to be a horse seller is actually the emperor. He uses her as a bait in order to lead Qian Long to a hill on which he placed a lot of bombs sold to him by an English man and Qian Long almost dies on the hill just in order to set Shen Fang free. When he succeed in setting her free, she attacks him and he blocks her sword with his hands and tells her that if she wants to kill him he wonâ??t fight back. When she sees the blood on his hands, she is distressed and itâ??s only because her old servant asks her to not kill the emperor that she gives up her revenge and she leaves with the old servant, while Qian Long returns to the palace once again totally desperate.

Third story

An officer who had been sent to Taihang mountains in order to ask the bandit Shen Jiu to surrender is killed and Qian Long is furious against Minister Di, who had sent the officer alone to the mountain. Meanwhile, a beautiful piece of silk is sent to Concubine Qing because she wants to offer it to QIan Long for his birthday, but he neglects her and she is so furious that she tears the clothe. She is jealous because of Chen Huaixiu and Shen Fang and she sends her maid, who is an expert in martial arts, to spy on the emperor, in order to know if he has a mistress, but he is only taking care of the affairs of the country.
Later, Shen Jiu robs the clothes made for the emperor in order to offer them to the woman who has embroidered the clothe torn by Concubine Qing because he has fallen for her and she wanted to study the art of the embroidery from the workshop which supplies the palace.
Chunxi discovers that the robbed clothes are in this woman workshop and she tells Qian Long, who sends soldiers to arrest the woman, called Jin Wu Zhen. When he visits her in prison, he is surprised to discover that she looks like both Chen Huaixiu and Shen Fang, and that she doesnâ??t want to tell him who robbed the palace clothes, telling him that she is the only one to be held responsible for the robbery.
When Shen Jiu discovers that she is in prison, he tries to set her free, but she doesnâ??t want to follow him and tells him to return to Taihang mountains because, as he robs the rich to give to the poor, many people depend on him.
Finally, Qian Long discovers that itâ??s Shen Jiu who robbed the palace clothes, but meanwhile, one of Shen Jiuâ??s men has kidnapped Chunxi and he is upset because he worries a lot for her. He finally decides to set Jin Wu Zhen free and he install her in his favourite pavilions and they fall for each other, but Wu Zhen is a complicated woman who seems to love both Qian Long and Shen Jiu, though she pretends that this latter is only a good friend.
When he discovers that Wu Zhen is about to become another Qian Longâ??s concubine, Shen Jiu decides to give himself up and Qian Long, who has understood that itâ??s him that Jin Wu Zhen actually loves, let Chunxi and his three assistants organize their escape.
Later, we see Wu Zhen living happy with Shen Jiu in the mountain and we discover that they have a little boy, but from what Wu Zhen reminds of, we understand that the boy is actually Qian Longâ??s son, and she sends him some embroidery on which she has portrayed the boy and herself.

Very good series. The fights are excellent, as well as Adam Cheng, who is superb in the role of Qian Long.

Angie Chiu doesn\'t fight in the third part, that\'s too bad...

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