Legend fo Yung Ching 1997

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Legend fo Yung Ching 1997

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:52 pm

Cheng Hung Lieh plays Emperor Kangxi, who loves his 4th son Ying Zhen (Adam Cheng) but also uses him as a spy in order to know which one of all his sons he should choose to be his successor.

Ying Zhen befriends the Lu family (he travels incognito) and he falls in love with the daughter Lu Siniang.

14th son wants to be the next emperor and he plots in order to succeed, even using black magic in order to frighten his father.

Kangxi finally dies and it\'s revealed that it\'s Ying Zhen who will be the emperor, under the name of Yung Ching.

There are a lot of plots and twists and at the end, it seems that Lu Siniang kills Yung Ching, but the last images let believe that actually he lives in the mountain with her and their son, while his own son Hong Li has become emperor under the name of Qian Long.
If you buy the taiseng version of this series, don\'t pay attention to the synopsis written on the box, it\'s full of mistakes !

Superb series, with very good and impressive fights. Adam Cheng, Jade Leung, the other girl, Goo Goon Chung and all the actors are excellent.

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