Legend of Wong Tai Sin TVB 1986

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Legend of Wong Tai Sin TVB 1986

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:44 pm

Adam Cheng plays the god of rain. As he is kind hearted, he stops punishing the people on earth (as he was ordered to) by making the rain to provoke floods and he is punished by the God of gods and sent on Earth, where he is born to a rich family, but he is only the \" bastard\" son of the rich guy as his mother is a poor one and he is raised together with the own son of the rich guy.
He becomes a shepard and one day, he saves the life of a rich man played by Tse Yin, who is a Prince. They become friends and Tse Yin takes him with him, so, he becomes rich and he falls in love with a girl who is promised to Tse Yin. They fight and the girl dies and Adam is left as he was dead because he doesn\'t know how to fight.

He is saved by four deities who pity him and they give him some powers. He then becomes a famous doctor with good fighting skills and he saves a rich girl.

He also becomes friend with another rich girl who plays the poor ones and he reunites with his half-brother and together, they try to stop Tse Yin who is plotting in order to become the king.

Adam finally succeed in stopping Tse Yin and he returns to Heaven, but almost immediately, he returns on Earth in order to help the poor people.

Very good series, good fights and Tse Yin is hatable in the role of the bad guy !

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