Meteor Butterfly Sword 2002

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Meteor Butterfly Sword 2002

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:40 pm

The gambling house of the town is ruled by a woman called Kao Lao Ta. When she was young, she took care of 4 boys who are now assassins under her orders. At the beginning of the series, there are only three of them with her : the elder, called Meng (if I\'m not mistaken), the second one and the younger one.

Someone asks Kao Lao Ta to kill Adam Cheng, who is a very popular guy in the town and Meng is sent to do the job, but he becomes friend with him. He falls in love with Adam\'s daughter who has been chased from the house because she was pregnant and she didn\'t want to tell her father who was the father, but he does\'nt know that she is his daughter. He also becomes friend with Norman Tsui\'s daughter, and he provokes a quarrel between Norman and Adam in order to accomplish his mission.

Later, he finally discovers that the woman he loves is Adam\'s daughter and they try to escape, but he suffers from amnesia and disappears.

Everybody wants to kill Adam for some reason and he has to suspect eveybody, including his faithful lieutenant.

After a lot of twists and plots, it\'s finally discovered that it was Adam and Norman\'s lieutenants who had plot to get rid of both of them and with the help of Meng, the third assassin, his daughter and Norman\'s daughter, Adam finally succeed in getting rid of all who wanted to kill him.

Of course, my review isn\'t complete and the fact that there are no subtitles does\'nt help, but I think that it\'s a really very good series, with a lots of good and inventive fights, a superb plot and Adam Cheng is excellent in it, though he doesn\'t have enough scenes and fights in my opinion. The actors who play Meng and the third assassin are very good too. The two girls aren\'t good enough in my opinion...

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