Lord of imprisonment 1999

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Lord of imprisonment 1999

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List of the characters/actors with the parts in which they appear :

Tong Lin, constable, played by Adam Cheng (4 parts)
Yu Han Tong (often called Han Lao), constable, played by Chen Hung Lieh (4 parts)
Lei Ta Li, constable, I donâ??t know the actor
Chen Yao (often called Yao Ye), constable, I donâ??t know the actor (4 parts)
Mai (often called Mai Fu Ze), doctor, I donâ??t know the actor (itâ??s the same who plays Jade Leungâ??s father in Legend of Yung Ching) (4 parts)
Mai Yu Zhe the doctorâ??s daughter, a jade sculptor, I donâ??t know the actress (4 parts)
Tang Ta Niang, the innkeeper played by Cheng Pei Pei (4 parts)
Hai Tang, her daughter , I donâ??t know the actress (4 parts)
Yu San Shao, a rich jade collector I donâ??t know the actor (part 2)
San Shao Ne, his wife, I donâ??t know the actress (part 2)
Lao Lu Tong, a farmer I donâ??t know the actor (part 1 to 3)
A constable from Beijing, played by Goo Goon Chung (part 1)
Shi Zhu, another constable, played by Norman Tsui (part 4)
Pan Mei Niang aka Lin Yen Er aka Xiao San Lan, Cheng Pei Peiâ??s real daughter, I donâ??t know the actress (part 4)
Wang Ye, a royal prince I donâ??t know the actor (part 4)
Ye San Lan, undercover officer I donâ??t know the actor, but itâ??s the same who played the faithful eunuch in Legend of Yung Ching (4 parts)

The whole story takes in a small town called Ku Bei Kou and the properties around the town

Part 1

The story begins with Adam Cheng who is looking for his missing wife. As she was supposed to go to Ku Bei Kou, he is on his way to the town and is very anxious because he finds clues leading to a womanâ??s body without head. As he is on his way, he saves Mai Yu Zhe, her father, Ye San Lan (who plays a hawker), the cook of the inn and his daughter and the forensic pathologist who return to the town in a kind of stage-coach driven by Lao Lu Tong because they are attacked by some bandits.
Later, he takes a room in the inn and becomes friend with Hai Tang and her mother, and with Yu Zhe and her father, and Yu Zhe helps him in his searches of clues in order to find his wife when he finds a burnt house where she could have lived in when she came to the town. He also becomes friend with Han Lao, Lei Ta Li and Yao Ye (with this latter, it takes more time, because Yao Ye has lost his sword near the dead womanâ??s corpse and, as Tong Lin has found it, he wants to kill him because he is afraid to be accused of the murder).

Earlier, the same woman who has been found dead had come to the inn and had given a precious jade fan to Hai Tang, who gives it to Yu Zhe.

Later, Goo Goon Chung arrives in the town and he immediately becomes Tong Linâ??s enemy (I didnâ??t hear clearly, but perhaps itâ??s because they had a grudge years later, but Iâ??m not sure). He absolutely wants to find the jade fan, which is later stolen by Ye San Lan, who is actually an officer under Zhao Wu Jiâ??s order and we discover that the jade fan has secrets sculpted on it.
Hai Tang and Ye San Lan fall in love, and Yu Zhe falls in love with Tong Lin, but he only thinks of his missing wife.
Zhao Wu Ji is lead to the town to be judged (I donâ??t know whyâ?¦What a pity to not understand Chinese !!) and Goo Goon Chung sends assassins to kill him, but he is saved by Ye San Lan and when the troup arrives in Ku Bei Kou, we discover that Tang Ta Niang knows him, that he is Hai Tangâ??s father and that Ta Niang is only her adoptive mother. We also learn in this episode that Ta Niangâ??s husband has been executed and she is an expert in martial arts.
Tong Lin is imprisoned by Goo Goon Chung and is almost killed, but finally, with Ye San Lanâ??s help, he succeeds in getting rid of Goo Goon Chung, Ye San Lan keeps the fan and escorts Zhao Wu Ji to his country.
Tong Lin is about to leave the town when someone gives him a jade pendant which has been found in the burnt house and when he recognizes his wifeâ??s pendant, he finally accepts to stay in Ku Bei Kou and he becomes a high rank constable in the city.

Part 2

Yu San Shao comes to Yu Zheâ??s house in order to take a piece of jade she has sculpted. Later, his house is attacked by a group of bandits and, with his menâ??s help and with Tong Lin and the other constablesâ?? help, he succeeds in getting rid of them, but the chief of the bandits swear that he will get revenge.
Meanwhile, several women are found dead with traces of acupuncture needles on their feet. As the forensic pathologist is jealous of Mai, he accuses him of the murder and Yu Zheâ??s father is imprisoned. Then, Yu San Shao asks Yu Zhe to come to his house and he gives her a big piece of jade in order that she sculpts a statue of Guan Yin. Tong Lin doesnâ??t agree with that, but she doesnâ??t want to listen to him and she goes. She becomes frien with Yu San Shao, while he falls for her. There, she discovers that San Shao Ne is a little bit strange, that she is jealous of her and that San Shaoâ??s daughter is a little bit medium. She also discovers that Tong Linâ??s wife has been in Yu San Shaoâ??s house and she tells Tong Lin about that.
Tong Lin and San Shao are simultaneously friends and enemies due to the mystery about Tong Linâ??s missing wife and to the fact that Tong Lin has saved the little girl from the bandits, with the help of Ta Niang and the clan of beggars of Ku Bei Kou.

Finally, Mai is found innocent and itâ??s Yu San Shao who is imprisoned, but Tong Lin and Yu Zhe are not convinced, though San Shao tells Tong Lin that itâ??s him who has killed his wife and has burnt her alive. Later, Tong Lin goes to San Shaoâ??s house and wants to talk with San Shao Ne, but she first tries to seduce him and then, she poisons him with acupuncture needles. He is found in the forest by Yu Zhe and her father and, while her father tries to save him, she goes to the house in order to ask for water, and San Shao Ne tries to kill her with an axe. Fortunately, Tong Lin arrives to save her and, though he is still weak, he fights with her. Yu San Shao escapes from prison and arrives at home and fights Tong Lin in order to save his wife. Of course, he had understood that it was her who killed the women he had known, and thatâ??s why he has accused himself, but Yu Zhe tells Tong Lin that itâ??s San Shao Ne who has killed his wife and the other women and San Shao Ne kills her husband before killing herself.

Part 3

As the forensic pathologist of Ku Bei Kou asks Mai for money (I didnâ??t understand why), Yu Zhe comes to his house in order to give him a jade statue as payment, but he tries to rape her ; he almost strangles her and her jade pendant falls while she faints. Fortunately, he is interrupted by a man wearing a mask and shaolinâ??s clothes with bells around his waist and he is killed. During the murder, Yu Zhe has recovered and she is totally upset and she escapes. She is found by Lao Lu Tong who leads her home. When they find the corpse, Tong Lin and his men find the jade statue and Tong Lin hides Yu Zheâ??s pendant, but Yao Ye has seen him. They go to the Maiâ??s house and they find them trying to leave, but Tong Lin convinces them to stay and Yu Zhe explains him what happened.
A new judge and constables from Beijing arrive in town and he tries to get rid of Tong Lin (I didnâ??t understand why). Among the constables, there are two ferocious ones who were Goo Goon Chungâ??s friends and want to get revenge on Tong Lin, so, Tong Lin resigns and stay in his house, in which he sets traps in order to protect himself. Earlier, he has taken Lao Lu Tong under his protection and he teaches him martial arts. In this episode, Hai Tang suddenly decides that she is in love with Tong Lin and she tries to seduce him, but when she discovers that Yu Zhe has come to Tong Linâ??s house (after Lao Lu Tongâ??s son departure), she becomes mad because Yu Zhe tells her that she is Tong Linâ??s girl.
Then, Ta Niang fights Tong Lin because she believes that he has seduced her daughter, and Yu Zhe has to tell her that itâ??s her that Tong Lin loves (even if he has never confessed his feelings as yet) and then itâ??s Mai who is angry with him.

The two ferocious constables are killed by the masked man, and while they are trying to escape the new judge men, Tong Lin and Yu Zhe finally confess their love to each other.

Then, Hai Tang begins to be friend with Lao Lu Tong and to drink a lot with him.
Finally, Tong Lin understands that itâ??s Lao Lu Tong who kills people under his shaolinâ??s clothes and he finds a secret cave under Lao Lu Tongâ??s wife tomb, but he is enclosed in it and he would have died if Yu Zhe and the waiters of the inn hadnâ??t opened the tomb.

Lao Lu tong kidnaps Hai Tang and makes her to suicide, but she is saved by her mother and the beggars.

Finally, Tong Lin and Lao Lu Tong fight in the tomb and Lao Lu Tong kills himself.

Part 4

The story begins with a mysterious masked girl in red who tries to steal the royal seal and Tong Lin succeeds in avoiding this. Then, a lame girl called Pan Mei Niang arrives at the inn and she is immediately pitied by Ta Niang, who gradually takes her as her own daughter.
Shi Zhou also arrives in town ; he is looking for a woman and is persuaded that the woman he looks for is Pan Mei Niang.

Then, a royal prince who is called Wang Ye by everybody, his two ferocious lieutenants and his own constables arrive in Ku Bei Kou and they settle in the yamen, making the judge and the other constables to go to another place.
As his men are bullying the villagers and trying to rape women, Tong Lin fight with them and he finally fights with Wang Ye when he tries to take advantage of Pan Mei Niang, and he is poisoned by the two ferocious guards.

While he is almost dying in the Maiâ??s house, we discover that Pan Mei Niang isnâ??t a lame person at all and that she is an expert in martial arts, who offers her services to Wang Ye in order to get rid of Tong Lin and help him to get Yu Zhe. Shi Zhu helps Tong Lin to recover , but he isnâ??t totally well and when he fight once again, he faints.
Meanwhile, Mei Niang, who is actually Lin Yen Er, has discovered that Tang Ta Niang is actually the woman who has killed Wang Yeâ??s father years ago in order to get revenge for her husband. When Wang Ye came for the first time in the inn, Ta Niang has recognized her husbandâ??s sword in one of Wang Yeâ??s lieutenantâ??s hands and thatâ??s how we discover that she actually is Hong Yinâ??s wife and that she has killed the prince who has ordered her husbandâ??s execution. Yen Er then plots with Wang Ye in order to trap Ta Niang and she is sent to prison, just in order that Ta Niang comes to save her, and then, itâ??s Ta Niang who is imprisoned. When she is about to be executed, itâ??s Ye San Lan who tries to save her, but he is also imprisoned and they are both in prison, later joined by Shi Zhu.
However, Yen Er has remorse when she thinks of how Ta Niang gave her all her affection but she doesnâ??t understand why and she goes on on her mission to obey Wang Ye.
She finally gives Yu Zhe the antidote of the poison and Yu Zheâ??s father saves Tong Lin just in time to allow him to get rid of the killers sent by Wang Ye.
Itâ??s finally revealed that Yen Er is actually Ta Niangâ??s daughter, who had been saved by Shi Zhu when she was a litllte girl and who had been kidnapped by the judge. When she realized that she is Ta Niangâ??s daughter and she almost killed her own mother, she is totally desperate and she decides to kill Wang Ye, but her mother doesnâ??t want her to do that. So, as they have proofs that Wang Ye isnâ??t a righteous prince, Tong Lin and Shi Zhu go to see the king and he gives them a seal to allow them to arrest Wang Ye.
Finally, Wang Ye is poisoned and Ta Niang and Ye San Lan are free.

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