The fallen family tvb

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The fallen family tvb

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:11 pm

Leslie Cheung plays a young man who lives with his mother. One day, he meets his real father (helping him to get rid of enemies ), but he doesn\'t want to have relations with him, because he is convinced that his father has abandoned his mother when she was pregnant. His father explains him that it\'s not true, that he had to leave for some reason I don\'t remember, and that when he returned to the village where lived his mother in order to marry her, the village had been destroyed by a flood (if I remember well) and that he had been told that there were nobody left alive.

Then, the father takes him at home and presents him a shis son and the one who will take the lead of the fabric of weapons they owe when he\'ll die. Of course, these news don\'t please everyone and his uncles plot against his father and him.

I won\'t tell the whole plot, but there area lot of twists, betrayals, killings and finally, the series\' ending is not a happy one...

A superb series, in which the jealousy of some members lead to the total destruction of a family and Tse Yin is as evil as possible in this series, though he seems to be the good uncle who wants to help his nephew to keep the family\'s work.

A really good one...

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