Pai Mei invincible a part from certain times of day?

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Pai Mei invincible a part from certain times of day?

Postby Silver & Gold Dragon » Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:00 am

Before I saw EXECUTIONERS FROM SHAOLIN I listen to Bey on a cometary for one of the Tai Seng KUNG MASTER TV series DVDs & IIRC he said that Pai Mei invincible a part from certain times of day now that made be think Pai Mei was the ultimate villain ever if you follow the idea of for a villain to great challenge for the hero to over come the villain has to be more powerful than the hero can possibly imagine & seem the almost impossible task & being invincible would mean impossible for the hero to beat but if the villain was invincible most of the time then the is a very slight possibly of beating him then.
I don't think the film actually say it he's invincible a part from certain times of day but it could be interpret as that.
Here's the subs:
& the dub says it pretty similarly though it says "only then can you kill him" at the end
IMO I think its most probably means that Hung Hsi Kuan(Chen Kuan Tai) would never be powerful enough to kill Pai Mei(Lo Lieh) a part at "between 1 3 p.m."
Or maybe less likely Pai Mei is invincible a part from "between 1 3 p.m." & can not be killed another time.

I know this is probably a silly post that I may have answered myself by saying what I think is the most probable answers but I like to know your opinions? As it has been bothering be for a while.

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