a taste of killing and romance

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a taste of killing and romance

Postby rarebastard » Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:11 pm

i admit i avoided andy lau films at all costs in the past. i now realize that was a huge mistake. from a kung fu perspective andy is not my cup of tea. but since the 90's he has been the top draw outside of jackie chan in HK.
i only recently viewed this film but i warn everyone else do not sleep on this film its not filled with random acts of violence its an intelligently crafted film. andy plays a hitman for hire concidered to be the best he kills with ease and style. hence the name a moment of killing and romance. his personality is romantic in the classic sense of the word very much like the romantic swordsman tales of chivalry. its quite easy to get it confused not only because he finds a love like every single film seems to hinge on a love story but also because the word romance's meaning has changed pretty much the same way gay has changed its meaning lol maybe not the best choice of word if you know what i mean. anyway the gunplay is well shot and the slow motion on the sqibs of blood to illustrate impact in a siliar way john woo uses it without the chang cheh like overkill. it was used just right and in the correct context combined with the premise of the film cudos to the combination of tung wai's action direction and director veronica chan jing yee's vision was perfectly fused and perfectly titled. anita yuen is ultra cute as usual plays a quite capable killer in her own right but even she falls victim to the romantic killer ;) andy lau. mark cheng who i usualy don't care for does an excellent as a psycopath hitman who is very jealous of andys lau's character and is restrained by his boss untill he can't take it anymore then lookout! all hell breaks loose!! carnage proceeds! the story itself is nothing unusual for an HK film but the execution is excellent and i'm surprised veronica did not do more as the editing was tight and scenes were well shot she must not have enjoyed being a director because she did a superb job on this one. highly recommened |:o i was left wanting more and thats a good sign of a film.

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Postby pollypolly » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:31 pm

Cheers for the review rarebastard. I've had the chance to check this one out a couple of times but I've always been put off by Lau and some negative views. I'll make an effort to get this one watched sometime soon.

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