Fury (1988) Wang Lung Wei

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Fury (1988) Wang Lung Wei

Postby pollypolly » Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:53 pm

Wang Lung Wei is definitely one of my favourite kung fu villains. No matter how minor his role in a film I always look forward to his scenes. As a director he helmed the two undisputed classics, ‘Hong Kong Godfather’ and ‘Innocent Interloper’. Based on these two films you’d think that he had the midas touch when it came to working behind the camera but unfortunately that’s not the case as ‘Fury’ is definitely a very average film when ranked alongside the two above.

Three friends – Lucky Cheuk (Michael Wong), Chou Chi To (Waise Lee) and Chick (Phillip Chan) - set up a deal with some Taiwanese gangsters involving counterfeit banknotes. With the help of Chou Chi To’s relative, Chan Lau (Richard Cheung aka Sergeant Lam from Hong Kong Godfather) they make the switch. However, one of the four has sold the gang out to the police who promptly raid the warehouse where the deal is taking place. In the ensuing gun battle the gang are separated and worse still there is a casualty aboard the boat which they make their escape in.

Several years later Lucky is finally reunited with Chou Chi To and Chan Lau who appear to be doing very well for themselves in the import/export business. The happy reunion is cut relatively short when Lucky tries to uncover exactly what happened on the day of the raid which drives the long term friends to slowly turn against each other.

‘Fury’ starts off with a horrible slow saxophone number which unfortunately returns several times throughout the film to kill off any mood or atmosphere that Wang Lung Wei has managed to create. The script is quite unimaginative and some of the scenes are so melodramatic that they verge on unintentional comedy. The first half of the film is a cliché ridden, standard actioner with one or two highlights but nothing very memorable, however the film really picks up in the final third and just about redeems itself with some fairly exciting and brutal action and even a couple of surprising twists.

I’m not a fan of Michael Wong at all but he does well with what material that he has to work with - and even busts a few decent looking moves in an early scene at a nightclub! Special mentions should go to Richard Cheung who was a real tough character here and also to Ku Feng who brings some much needed to warmth onto the screen.

Partially recommended if you’re a fan of any of the main stars but as far as the heroic bloodshed sub genre goes - worth checking out but only if you’ve exhausted your watch pile. It’s diverting enough but brings very little new to the plate.


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Re:Re:Fury (1988) Wang Lung Wei

Postby pollypolly » Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:53 pm

[Quote=rarebastard] i have never been a fan of michel wong and i find him boring to watch and i hate his face lol [/Quote]

I pretty much have the same feeling about Michael Wong and think that with a stronger lead, the film could have been above average instead of just average. Not necessarily a bad film, just the feeling that there could have been more.

Jay Lee
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Postby Jay Lee » Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:12 pm

Thanks for the low down on this flick!

Been looking for reviews or info!

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