RARE!!Hard Core Body Count Triad Movies!!

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RARE!!Hard Core Body Count Triad Movies!!

Postby Pete Jr » Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:29 pm

Hard Boiled 2 aka Last Blood aka Twelve Hours To Die is a serious movie with body count above the average....

Just check out the STORYLINE!!!!

Small-time hood Andy Lau makes the ultimate mistake of travelling abroad the same plane as the DAKA LAMA, for in an assassination attempt by a Japanese suicide squad both the Daka Lama and Andy's Girlfriend are badly wounded.

Both victims need a blood transfusion of the same, extremely rare blood group, but time is running out as the terrorists cop. Alan Tam and the bullet count rapidly rises to a ballistic crescendo as trigger happy cops and terrorists battle it out.

This hi-octane movie has all the trademarks of a John Woo blood bath epic and more. Action packed from the opening scene all the way.


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