Quick Synposis of some flims

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Quick Synposis of some flims

Postby KeungKau » Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:35 am

Just thought I'd share whats on my mind about some black exploitation cinema

first up

Penitentiary (1979)
I saw this film on VHS a few years back
its about a black guy who is wrongfully imprisoned and starts boxing in prison
After the seeing the cover/poster I thought this film would be a bit more serious but it seemed more akined to comedy than drama I did like Hazel Spears in this one thou.
apparently this film spawned two sequels although I've not seen them?

Theartre of Blood (1973)
Not really black Explotation but horror

Theartre of Blood
Is about a classically trained ac-tor/thesp
played by Vincent Price who recieves some bad reviews and decides to exact revenge and murder his critics while reciting lines from his performances.

Virtuosity (1995)
Before American Gangster there was Virtuosity with Denzil and Russell Crowe
this time roles reversed with Denzil as the good guy and Russell Crowe as a computer composite serial killer who becomes real and causes havoc and additionally one of Russell Crowe's composite personalities previously killed Denzil's family.

Beat Street(1984)

Based in the Bronx Beat Street is about aspiring Hip-Hop artists trying to make it big while breakdancing, graffin & rapping

Breakin:Breakdance The Movie (1984)

Breakdancers battle for supremacy against rival crews.
JCVD can spotted as a background artist also Ice-T is in this one aswell
The film was followed by a Sequel Breakdance2:Electric Boogaloo and single
'Aint no Stoppin Us' which I'm not sure may have been sample by DJ Luck & MC Neat?

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1989)

Keenan Ivory Wayans comes home back to the hood after a stint in the army and decides to clean up his community by banding together some local good guys one of them Issac Hayes and a Martial Arts fanatic called Kung-fu Joe to take down Mr Big and his syndicate.

Bullet Boy(2004)

Ashley Walters aka AsherD is released from Prison and gets involved with his former undesirable friends while setting a bad example for his younger brother who ends up getting his hands on pistol and accidentally shots his friend.

Life and Lyrics (2006)

AsherD (again!) is a DJ who also builds beats in his spare time is part of a battle crew that 'clash' rivals aswell as this
him and his best friend watch kung-fu films
in the end he has to choose between his
gwai lo(best friend?) and his girl sort of.

Third World Cop (1999)

A Jamacian cop returns back to Kingston to join a special forces and runs into his
old friends who are involved in badness his loyalty to his job and friends are tested.

Sorry if any of the plot outlines are too vague I just thought I'd quickly write about a few films that were on my mind.

Also Apologies if any of these were already mentioned in previous posts?


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Postby KeungKau » Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:54 pm

Very nice Eagles mate

I've not seen or heard of
The Spook who sat by the door?

I saw a trailer on VHS ages ago where
Muhammad Ali did a cameo in a prison film called Doin Time is it any good?

The other film I keep hearing about is BlackBoard Jungle with Sidney Potier?
I'd like to check it out too.

Pete Senior
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Postby Pete Senior » Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:21 pm

[Quote=KeungKau]I've not seen or heard of The Spook who sat by the door?[/Quote]

Exceptional film, well worth getting hold of this one.I'm a strong fan of black films going back to the 1960's.
Excellent still of Jim Kelly
[imgUploaded size=455|609]Black_Belt_Jones.png[/imgUploaded]

Fred Williamson an all time staunch black actor
[imgUploaded size=700|535]That_Man_Bolt.png[/imgUploaded]

All Fred's films were entertaining
[imgUploaded size=700|556]Black_Cobra.png[/imgUploaded]

[imgUploaded size=700|556]Black_Cobra1.png[/imgUploaded]

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