Tell us the movies that you know are cut and Flashlegsrare will recover where possible.
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Back in the 1980's and 1990's The British Board Of Film Classification (BBFC)
had hard line policies on what was acceptable for British audiences in regards to Martial Arts films and famously edited out anything with nunchukus & chain sticks
any another techniques that were deemed as imitable or dangerous.

The man who was the director of the BBFC at the time was James Ferman
who was in charge between 1975-1999

Most notably the Bruce Lee films were heavily edited the most.

The Big Boss , Fist of Fury , Way Of The Dragon , Enter The Dragon &
Game Of Death




The censors even went as far as changing the cover of VHS as not show the weapon.


Also the original 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series didn't manage to escape the scrutiny of the BBFC either

This is how the original intro was meant to be

The British Censored version was renamed to Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles with all or any scenes with nunchuku omitted it is very different to the US version


So with all these edits it made it even more a curiosity to me and my friends who really wanted to watch uncut martial arts films it wasn't until around 2000/2001 that were finally able to see Bruce Lee films uncut with the release of The Man and The Legend on VHS


There are quite a few other films I can remember being cut back in the days
The Man and The Myth mostly for nunchukus

Police Story I seem to remember a few scenes missing in this the Policeman urinating and Jackie arresting a opium smoker for a promotional film and some edits to the shopping mall fight


Kickboxer was edited for double ear claps and the end fight


No Retreat No Surrender was cut for just having a nunchuku poster in one scene and also to some moves from the finale.
Interestingly enough there are actually were two different versions released in the USA and The UK with different soundtracks and additional story-lines
The continuity of both films regardless of cuts are play along rather differently.


Shaolin Challenges Ninja aka Heroes Of The East was cut for scenes with the
3-section staff


Kentucky Fried Movie also suffered Nunchuku cuts


The Best Of Martial Arts documentary was edited for Nunchuku cuts too

I'm also pretty certain the Jackie Collection VHS version of Fearless Hyena edited the end fight scene too!

Actually I felt this maybe an interesting thread for fans who remember waiting for uncut martial arts films to be released in Britain and why did James Ferman dislike Nunchukus so much?
Were Football Hooligans bringing them to matches?

I seem to remember their were also lots of rumors going round that kids used to hit each with them in school playgrounds and all that sort of thing.

In retrospective its interesting to see how things have changed since the
80's and 90's and attitudes towards martial arts films have now changed.

Although interestingly in the USA Fearless was edited for audiences so maybe we just have different sensitivities in other places around the world ?

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