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Korean Martial Arts Movies & Stars

Postby lauslee » Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:40 am

After FLK update original thread was suddenly deleted, it's real shame since I'm pretty sure that it was one of the best threads on whole FLK. Anyway myself and Pete jr. decided to re-build this thread and maybe make it even better.


[i]Han Yong Cheol/Charles Han[/i]

Or as FLK crew like to call him "Slick Kicker" is one of the oldest Korean martial arts superstars. This 1.84cm tall Korean-American martial artist was chosen by director Lee Doo-Yeong to play a part in first Korean "real martial arts film" Machurian Tiger (1974). Namely Hwang Jang Lee and Kwong Moon showed up on audutions as well but they were not able to impress director. However later Han Yong-Cheol made appearance in several more flicks until he retreated in 1981 after shooting movie "My Name is Twin Legs".


The Manchurian Tiger (1974)
Left Foot of Wrath (1974)
Returned Single-Legged Man 2 (1974)
Returned Single-Legged Man (1974)
Gate of Destiny (1974)
A Betrayer (1974)
The Successor (1974)
The great urgency network (1974)
Black White Big Fist (1974)
Tomb for a Strongman (1975)
Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws (1981)
My Name is 'Twin Legs' (1981)

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Postby lauslee » Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:15 pm


[i]Tiger Yang Cheng-Wu[/i]

[b]Aliases: Yeung Shing-Ng, Tiger Yeung, Paul Yang, Tiger Young[/b]

The unique form of martial arts known as MOO YEA-DO, was created by its founder, World Grand Master Tiger Yang. Grand Master Tiger Yang comes from a long line of accomplished martial artist. His formal training began at the tender age of six in the rugged Shu San Mountains of Korea, the site of his father's school. Using an "Iron Hand" approach, his father would instruct him along with his ten blood brothers to run through the forest and strike trees, leap over large boulders, chase rabbits and be expected to catch them. Power of the mind was increased by standing under icy waterfalls. Many times as a disciplinary measure Grand Master Tiger Yang was instructed to hold buckets of water high in the air for half an hour or more.

The tough training paid off as he served his country as Lieutenant and chief instructor of Tae Kwon Do, to the Vietnam West Point Academy. From there he instructed the men of the 8th division, US Army, South Korea.

After completing his military service, he competed in and won the 1969 and 1971 heavyweight championship of the National Martial Art Championship Tournament in Japan. Later he toured places such as; Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taipei, Taiwan, and Hong Kong; giving demonstrations. His career continued in Washington, where he taught CIA field agents martial arts.

Upon completing his assignment in Washington DC, he moved to Chicago, where over a period of seven years he operated thirteen schools of his own. Grand Master Tiger Yang trained and coached Muhammad Ali, before and during his travels to Germany, Jamaica, the Philippines, and Korea. He also accompanied Ali to Japan for the famous Ali/ Inoke fight.

From 1973 to 1980, Grand Master Tiger Yang embarked upon a movie career, which included 30 films and a Saturday TV show, for which he won, "Best entertainer of the year". A Hollywood career brought him back to California, where after making several movies, he began to fulfill his life dream, creating his own art form. MOO YEA DO



Games Gamblers Play (1974)
Enter Three Dragons (1978)
Warriors Two (1978)
Blind Fist of Bruce (1979)
The Fairy, the Ghost and Ah Chung (1979)
Two Wondrous Tigers (1979)
Little Mad Guy (1980)
Tower of Death (1981)

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Postby lauslee » Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:49 pm

It's really great to see Yongpal here, I have never had a chance to talk to him personally but I have tryied numerous times, no matter Yongpal do you have any info about Kim Si-Hyeon?

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Re:Dragon Lee aka Guh Ryong

Postby lauslee » Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:55 am

[Quote=Pete Jr]Dragon Le perhaps the most popular of all the
[imgUploaded size=219|230]images.jpg[/imgUploaded]

[imgUploaded size=200|200]cast_clonesofbrucelee01-1.JPG[/imgUploaded]BruceXploitation lookalikes...A sensational charismatic actor with much screen presence.....His notorious side view looks that mimic's Bruce Lee's fighting posture stance to the Tee....Dragon Lee may have been the MOST LIKEABLE of all the LOOKALIKES.....

Martial Monks Of Shaolin aka Shaolin Yong-Pal
[imgUploaded size=275|408]Martial Monks Of Shaolin.jpg[/imgUploaded]

Dragon's Snake Fist
[imgUploaded size=280|404]Dragon's Snake Fist .jpg[/imgUploaded]

Bruce Lee's Ways of Kung Fu
[imgUploaded size=276|400]Bruce Lee's Ways of Kung Fu .jpg[/imgUploaded]

Nationwide Constituency 2
[imgUploaded size=249|400]Nationwide Constituency 2 .jpg[/imgUploaded]

An Emperor of Underworld
[imgUploaded size=271|400]An Emperor of Underworld .jpg[/imgUploaded]

Blues Of Chong Lo
[imgUploaded size=263|379]Blues Of Chong Lo .jpg[/imgUploaded]

Dragon Lee & The Black Dragon
[imgUploaded size=435|330]Dragon Lee & The Blck Dragon.jpg[/imgUploaded]

Muscle of The Dragon
[imgUploaded size=274|400]Muscle of The Dragon .jpg[/imgUploaded]

Enter The Invincible Hero
[imgUploaded size=278|400]Enter The Invincible Hero .jpg[/imgUploaded]

Nationwide Constituency
[imgUploaded size=274|400]Nationwide Constituency .jpg[/imgUploaded]

Pattern Dragon Claws
[imgUploaded size=276|395] Pattern Dragon Claws .jpg[/imgUploaded]

Clones of Bruce Lee
[imgUploaded size=242|351]Clones of Bruce Lee .jpg[/imgUploaded]

Golden Dragon Silver Snake
[imgUploaded size=279|400]Golden Dragon Silver Snake .jpg[/imgUploaded]

Dragon Lee vs The Five Brothers
[imgUploaded size=278|400]Dragon Lee vs The Five Broters .jpg[/imgUploaded]


Emperor of the Underworld (Amheugga-ui hwangje) (1994)
The Nationwide Constituency (Jeonguggu) (1991)
Nwoi Fighting Technique (Noegwon) (1983)
Shaolin Yong-pal (Sorimsa Yong-pal-i) (1982)
Duel of In-ja Hall (Injamunsalsu) (1982)
Eighteen Martial Arts (Sibpaltongmunbang) (1981)
Secret Bandit of Black Leopard (Heugpyobigaeg) (1981)
Jeong Mu Gate '81 (Jeongmumun '81) (1981)
Death Penalty on Three Robots (Sahyeongsamgeol) (1981)
Two Fighters in Moonlight (Wolgwangssangsu) (1981)
Disciple of Yong-mun Depraved Monk (Yongmunpagyejeja) (1981)
Cheer (Eunggwon) (1980)
The Yong-gwon Martial Arts (Yonggwonsasu) (1980)
Twelve Gates of Hell (Ji-og 12gwanmun) (1980)
A Fight at Hong Kong Ranch (Ilso-ilgwon) (1980)
Eighteen Women Fighters of Murim (Mulim 18yeogeol) (1979)
Never Give Up (Jeongmujibo) (1978)
The Last of Jung-mu Martial Arts Hall (Choehu-ui Jeongmumun) (1977) [/Quote]

Amazing actor worth mentioning, starred in whole bunch of BruceExploitation and some other movies and because of that he is probably one of the most recognised Korean faces in the west. As we all know during the '90s he quit from martial art films and began with starring in Gangster flicks, but what not many know is that in 1991 he produced movie called "Two Men" which is by the way really cool film.

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Postby lauslee » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:55 pm

Thanks for the nice info Yongpal, didn't know about that TV drama that he made, gotta check it out for sure. Anyway do you have any info on Jack Lam, guy that starred in several Ninja flicks (Secret Ninja Roaring Tiger, Leopard Fist Ninja, Ninja Terminator...)? I know that he later use to star in few more non-martial art related movies in Korea until '90s when he dissapired, do you have any info on him at all?


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Postby lauslee » Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:07 pm

I have always been wondering if Kim Tae-Jeong really did just 5 movies. I mean about 5 years back fans knew only for 3 movies of his (G.O.D 1 & 2, No Retreat No Surrender) and later it was find out that he starred in Fist of Death and about a year back Miss Please be Patient. I would like to know if it is possible that he made some other movies that are not known to us, I have been researching this for a while and I must say that i'm not much positibe about this but who knows...

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