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[Quote=Knockabout]Does anyone have a list of old school kung fu movies available for viewing at the KMDB (both for free and if you pay)?

And is it possible to download the movies (or parhaps just the original audio, to synch up with the existing eng dubbed DVDs)?

I know there are programs that will allow you to download movies from other types of streaming internet sites, so i'm hoping it would be possible here too :)
Including a couple of horror movies that interest me, I made this list just the other day. Includes a synopses for each film taken from the KMDB.

The Magical Sword of White Skeleton Pass (Baekgoll...(1969)
A man who left his wife to study for a government exam happens to see a drowning woman in a mountain and rescues her. To thank him she takes him home deep in the mountain. He ends up staying with her for years, putting his study behind. But she learns that the woman he saved from the drowning sea was a vampire. Meanwhile his wife finds where her husband is with the Buddha's revelation, kills the vampire and brings him back safely to their home.

The Night of Full Moon ( Siboya )(1969)
Park Man-do, provincial governor, wants to make a coup and kills the family of Kim Byeong-sa. The wife of Park Man-do, who has no son, abandons her daughter and adopts Kim Byeong-sa's son to raise him as a knight. Meanwhile, the abandoned daughter is raised by an old lady and becomes a female soldier. After a series of bloody fights, the daughter one day faces Park Man-do, her father, in a battle. Then an undercover agent who knows the history comes up and punishes Park Man-do. When all the truth is revealed, the bloody fight of fate and misunderstanding comes to an end.

Undercover Emissary and Black Mask ( Amhaeng-eosa-...(1969)
When Governor Seol and Provincial Governor Park find out that a golden Buddha statue is to be transported from Nara, they attack the transport and steal the treasure. Tae-su, the son of the man in charge of the transport, penetrates into the home of Seol, wearing a black mask. When he is captured by Seol, another Black Mask, Yong-ho, comes to save Tae-su. Right in time, an undercover emissary disguised as a beggar Chun-gil shows up to punish Seol and Park.

A Precious Sword A knife of Thunder ( Loegeom Beon...(1969)
A group of swordsmen takes on a hard-fight battle to possess a precious sword named Loegeom. Ahn Gil-won, one of the swordsmen, heads to enemy camp by himself, looking for the sword. He manages to swipe out the gang of enemy, finds his sword and heads on his way with his lover.

A Public Cemetery of Wol-ha ( Wolhaui Gongdongmyoj...(1967)
Gisaeng Wol-ha marries a son of high class family Kim Han-su, but Kim's step mother and his family's woman cook hates her because she was gisaeng. Wol-ha dies before her time on a false charge made up by the women. After her death Wol-ha's ghost takes revenges on the two wicked women that caused her to die.

A Neckless Beauty ( Mokeomneun Minyeo )(1966)
Right after Korea's liberation, O Yun accidently finds out through Choe Sang-bae about a large amount of gold nuggets Japanese soldiers left behind, O kills many of his colleagues to take all the gold to himself. In the end, a neckless beauty among the dead shows up and takes her revenge on him. A mystery fantasy.

Great Teacher (Daesabu)(1978)
Buddhist devotees Baek-wun and Go-hak are destined competitors. After losing to Bae-wun twenty years ago, Go-hak trains and raises Kang Baek-chun with deep purpose. Go-hak sends Baek-chun to Baek-wun. However, Baek-wun's student, Pak Shi-baek beats Baek-chun. Ten years later, after repeated training, Baek-chun defeats Shi-baek. Shi-baek asks Baek-chun to raise his only son, Yong, and then kills himself following his warrior mentality. Yong follows Baek-chun, his father's enemy, and learns how to fight. Yong becomes famous for his bravery.

Dark hair(Heugbal)(1974)
Su-Ryeon is a first daughter of the old master Hyeon-Ju. When she finds her husband Kwan-Jung's violent personality, she comes back to her father to succeed to run her father's martial art gym. While Kwan-Jung has a grudge against his father-in-law because he is not a successor of the gym, he murders the old man and charges his crime on Hong-Mu, boy friend of Su-Ryeon's sister Mok-Ryeon. And then he even kills his wife for his success. Knowing his crime, Mok-Ryeon goes to the chief of the village to plead Hong-Mu's innocence but on the contrary the chief tries to use trick to kill him. Hong-Mu and Mok-Ryeon run away from the village and chase after Kwan-Jung who is tormented by Su-Ryeon's spirit then. Finally Kwan-Jung, Hong-Mu and Mok-Ryeon confront in the gym where they desperately struggle. After all Kwan-Jung dies miserable death by Su-Ryeon's resented spirit.

A true story of Kim Du-Han(Sillog Gim Duhan)(1974)
Kim Du-Han is a son of Kim Jwa-Jin, a commander of Cho Sun Independence Army. While he wandered around as an orphan, he went under Na Kwan-Jung, a big wheel of Korean martial art and learned patriotic spirit from him. The grown-up Du-Han decided to take revenge when Na Kwan-Jung was killed. As he defeated New Bandits, he became a big thing worthy of the name in Korean martial art society. He firmly determined to devote in patriotic movement with his sworn brothers from all over the country. Yamaguchi, who felt strong aversion to him, sent assassins to murder one of Du-Han's follower and his mistress Seol-Hwa. In Inevitable fight with Yamaguchi, Du-Han defeated him. But Kim Du-Han was bound to prison reminding misfortune of losing country.

A fighter for the Independence Lee Jin-Dong takes a refuge in father Louis' catholic church to avoid from Japanese army. His pupil Kim Jeong-Shik takes a refuge there, too. Lee Jin-Dong gets news from Yeo-Jin that father Louis is badly tortured after he is arrested on behalf of them. He leaves his missions to Kim Jeong-Shik and Yeo-Jin and goes to find father Louis. But Japanese enemy kill the father and arrest Lee Jin-Dong. Joo An-Seong meets Kim Jeong-Shik and Yeo-Jin to receive papers and convinces them to save Lee Jin-Dong first. And they attack Yokohama party to eliminate them with one accord, and leave for Shanghai to deliver the papers.

The Great Duel(Daegyeoltu)(1973)
Hwang Yong lost his father by Japanese army when he was a little boy. He is making a living by killing people as a hired killer when he is asked to find out a buddhist statue from Independence Army. He goes to a pub to kill Wang Pung, the statue is not there, though. Inevitably Hwang Yong has to live in that pub where he falls in love with a barmaid Wi-Rang. But Kaneda and his gang kill Wi-Rang when Hwang Yong is out of the pub. Hwang Yong happened to know that Kaneda is the very Japanese who killed his father when he goes to Kaneda's haunt to defeat them in anger. He takes a vengeance on him and gives Independence fund disguised as a buddhist statue back to the Independence Army. He quietly dies after disclosing he is Korean, too.

The King Boxer/Five Fingers of Death/An iron man(1972) KOREAN VERSION/REMAKE??????????
Song Mu-Yang is Cho Ji-Ho's martial art master whose daughter Young-Young is in love with Ji-Ho. His ex-fellow Dae-Myeog who goes to Sohn Keum-Bae to learn martial art comes back to Mu-Yang. Mu-Yang finds that his martial art is inferior to that of Sohn Keum-Bae after he plays a match with Dae-Myeong. So he sends Ji-Ho to Sohn Keum-Bae to learn better martial art. Ji-Ho surprisingly advances in learning and he is recognized as a successor of the master. After he masters special iron stick art, he participates in a martial art match. Meanwhile his former master is killed by Maeng Sam-Bu. As soon as he defeats Maeng Cheon-Wung in match, Ji-Ho goes to Maeng's stronghold and revenges.

Invasion of Mongols(Ogjungdo)(1971)
As Mongols defeat Song Empire and build Empire of the Great Khan, Lord Moon from Song Empire is put in jail despite his resistance to the invaders. People from Song Empire including a girl named Young-Ah and a swordsman called Lee Ho-Ju, try to escape Lord Moon from Mongols. Baek-Ahn, a commanding officer of Mongols, tries to catch them only to fail. Lord Moon finally gets freed from Mongols by the patriotic people from Song, but he was already dead. Young-Ah, the only one who survived Mongols' attack, cries over her lost nation.

Black Swordman(Heuggaeg)(1972)
Kang-In escapes from a prison in Thailand to look for Mun-Yeol and Beom-Keuk brothers who makes him crippled but he fails. Instead he kills Mun-Yeol's mother. Meanwhile Mun-Yeol sends his pupil Jin-Jeon to bring his mother and his girl friend Ok-Ran. However Jin-Jeon is killed and Ok-Ran is kidnapped. Kang-In is caught while he is fighting with Mun-Yeol brothers in Hon Kong. Myeong-Ja takes him out of them in exchange for Ok-Ran. Mun-Yeol brothers sneak into Seoul to confront with Kang-In's boss San-Ku. When the danger comes to Beom-Keuk, they are helped by Korean police to escape to Hong Kong. When Myeong-Ja, who reveals top secret, senses that she is exploited, she saves Mun-Yeol brothers. Beom-Keuk tells he loves her but Myeong-Ja says good bye and leaves him because of guilty.

Not long after he married, Yoo has to enter the army leaving behind his wife Kil and daughter Young. He is taken a prisoner of war in a battlefield. Without knowing this, Kil and Young firmly hope Yoo's safe return from the war while they overcome temptation, poverty, epidemics and even drought. But an influential man of their village rapes Kil and Young. Yoo takes a revenge on him but he is killed during the fight with the leader of enemy.

A Viper (Dogsa)(1975)
Bobby Kim shows up among the people who watch a chance of perfect crime and plot to entrap Baek Sang-Jin , who died leaving property in Hong-Kong. A police inspector, Mackoe, askes Bobby Kim to stop the criminal syndicate from assassinating Kim Seon-Kuk, a lawyer, who knows about the absurdity of the inheritance. On the other hand, O Seok-Hun, a secretary of dead Baek Sang-Jin, conspires with the syndicate to steal the property. Booby Kim's effort comes to nothing and Kim Seon-Kuk dies in the train. Then Bobby Kim becomes to know Hee-Jeong, a daughter of the heir. Bobby Kim arrests O Seok-Hun for murder and seizure of the property with the help of Mackoe's investigation. Bobby Kim praises Back Sang-Jin for the donation to the education work.

Pier Three at Sunset (Hwanghon-ui je3budu)(1971)
In 1950, a murder occurs in Busan. The suspect is Sang-hyeon, who has been wrongfully expelled from school when inspector Jang Dong-su was a teacher of that school. After being expelled, he became a hoodlum, and Dong-su became a detective to save him. Enticed by Wang San-ak, the boss of the back alleys, Sang-hyeon commits a homicide for his girlfriend So-hyeon and his father. Later he discovered Wang San-ak 's true intentions and breaks out of prison, and deals with Wang San-ak and his son Hyeok-su's gang. Then he marries So-hyeon officiated by Dong-su, and is arrested again.

A Ghost Story of Joseon Dynasty(Ijogoedam)(1970)
Prince Yeonsan-gun attempts to sexually harass Yahwa, the wife of Yun Pil-u who was beheaded after being branded as a traitor. Yahwa commits a suicide following her husband but, before she dies, has already asked her cat to make revenge. Since that time, the bodies of the court ladies and the patrol guards are found every morning and ghosts of Pil-u and Yahwa regularly appear along with the mewing sound of the cat. Kim Chung-won, head of the guardsmen and also a former friend of Pil-u, borrows the supernatural power of a senior Buddhist priest and succeeds in getting rid of the ghosts for the peace of the nation.

Tokyo Lion and Myeongdong Tiger (Donggyeongsaja-wa...(1970)
Han Dong-geun and Hwang Dong-pil are comrades in the Korean Independence army, but Dong-pil betrays Dong-geun, which results in the slaughter of his family. Dong-geun's two daughters, survivors of the massacre are now bosses of a gangster group, and they seek revenge on Dong-pil, who has become the ruler of the dark world. Since there is no one who would kill him within the country, they invite someone nicknamed 'Lion' from Japan. When Dong-pil finds out the killer is his own son, he regrets what he has done in the past and asks for forgiveness by killing himself

Cruel history of Myeong Dong(Myeongdongjanhogsa)(1972)
1st episode(It must be noisy)....Park Min decides to regain Myeong Dong. After released from prison, he goes to a bar to fight with Hwang Du-Shik who controls that bar. He is almost to die due to his girl friend Wu-Hee, but escapes and kills Hwang. Finally Wu-Hee dies, too and he is also killed by a boy who once he saved his life. 2nd episode(The woman who I really want)...Hyeon wants to leave gangster world by marrying to Suk. Instead he is in jail because of boss's betrayal. After released, he goes to Young-Bae who married Suk while he is in prison. He finds that Young-Bae really loves Suk, so he leaves alone. 3rd episode(Confront)... Sang is searching for his father Young-Pyo who abandoned his mother. He is helped by Hee, Young-Pyo's daughter when he is injured by attack. After that he fights with Young-Pyo again......

Five fighters(5in-ui geondaldeul)(1971)
Jang Baek-Man and his gang make their livings, exploiting merchants in the market. Kang-Ho, a martial art master, defies them only to be killed. Wang, an old brother of Kang-Ho, rallies his vagabond friends to take revenge on Baek-Man. Fee for their sweat will be 50,000 won. Five men and Wang succeed in driving away Beak-Man's band, but Baek-Man who held a merchant as a hostage entraps five men and defeats them. Wang gets in danger of being killed, but five men come back guilty of what they've done, and try to kill Baek-Man. Pung, one of five men, turns out to be a cop, who arrests Baek-Man and Wang for murder.

The golden harbor in horror(Gongpo-ui hwanggeumbud...(1971)
Hee-Cheol, grown at an orphanage, comes to Seoul to find his mother. He gets to know a bad girl nicknamed 'Spider' and lives in her house. He finally finds where his mother lives and visits her, but afraid that he might influence his sister's marriage in a bad way, his mother pretends not to know him. Frustrated, Hee-Cheol goes to Pusan to take revenge on Seong and Kkaku gang who endangered his sworn brother Won-Bae. He kills Kkaku. Hee-Cheol's mother and sister who followed him to Pusan ask him to forgive them. Hee-Cheol gets arrested.

The Generals Son (Janggun-ui adeul)(1990)
Kim Doo-han lost his mom at the age of eight and he survives on the streets as a singing beggar. His natural born fighting skills places him on the mean streets of Jongro with the kisaeng house Woomigwan at the center. He is soon recognized for his incredible strength and ability. He finds out through Shin Ma-jeok, the head of a student gang, that he is the son of General Kim Jwa-jin who fought against the Japanese army. Meanwhile, the Yakuzas expand their sphere of influence and try to take over the Jongro streets but Doo-han protects the Korean vendors of Jongro and wins their respect. When the head of Woomigwan, Kim Gi-hwan is arrested, Doo-han becomes the leader of the Jongro gang.

Returned single-legged man (Dol-a-on oedali)(1974)
In 1930s, Yong-Cheol is widely known as an expert to use his leg among the gangster world in Harbin, China but he decides to bury his dark past at his girl friend Hyang-Suk's earnest request. For his last operation, his boss Wang Hae-Rim demands him to rob a gold-carrying carriage with the boss' right hand Yamamoto. He receives this proposal. However he finds that the owner of the carriage is Hyang-Suk's brother. He leaves her due to guilty conscience and spends his days addicted in drinking after he himself broke one of his leg. Meanwhile Yamamoto removes Wang Hae-Rim and even possesses Hyang-Suk. Knowing this Yong-Cheol is furious and defeats Yamamoto and his gang with Kim Seung, a soldier of the Independence Army. He regains the gold which is under possession of Yamamoto and leaves for the Headquarter of Cho Sun Independence Army.

So-kwon Martial Arts (Sogwon)(1980)
At the end of Chosun dynasty, the country is separated into three political sectors each allied with China, Japan, and Russia. Political feuds among the three parties involve masters of martial arts. Kim In-bo, master of the Chungsim training hall, close the hall and sends his son to train Taekwondo martial arts from the highest master Un-yong. Master Hae-dong accompanies him to go to Un-yong and he becomes a master of Taekwondo employing the principles of traditional dance. Hae-dong gets him to match against the Japanese karate master Hashimoto

Special Mission Beauty Corps(Teugmyeong minyeogu...(1992)
Sisters Sandy and Suzy are Koreans imprisoned in a labor concentration camp in Vietnam. They meet fellow captives, Maria, Tina and Guenmey who are Vietnamese, and pull off a daring escape. They safely arrive in Manila and each tries to find work to start a new life except for Guenmey. She falls into the mob underworld and becomes immersed in prostitution and drugs. When Guenmey accidentally kills a Japanese customer, the organization has her killed to keep from being exposed. The other four women decide to avenge her death by challenging the crime organization. As they try to take revenge, Suzy and Tina are killed and Sandy and Maria manage to get a hold of the proof that will put the culprits in jail. They lure the gangsters to a remote island for a fierce battle.

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[Quote=Knockabout]Thanks a lot Kaleyboy, very nice list :)

Have you seen any of them yet? Do you know if it is possible to download either the movie or just the soundtrack?
I downloaded all the free-to-view movies, and I'm gonna grab the pay-per-views soon. It's a complicated process, because even after you manage to rip the stream, it contains DRM. So the DRM has to removed or you can't convert to DVD. I found a way to do it using Tunebite. If you wanna trade for some after I get them, I'd be happy to oblige.

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Postby kaleyboy » Wed May 26, 2010 6:47 am

No problem mate. Drop me a PM when you get back to europe. All the best with your studies.

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Postby Goldenswallow » Wed May 26, 2010 9:44 am

Good job Kaleyboy - both on your informative post and your technological wizardry!!

Some of those swordplay titles look great, how's the picture quality on em?

All we need now is a Korean translator.

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Postby kaleyboy » Wed May 26, 2010 5:37 pm

Picture quality is excellent on the ones I have so far, all 16:9 Widescreen transfers. I'd be happy to do timings on any translations.

[Quote=Knockabout] [Quote=Goldenswallow]All we need now is a Korean translator.[/Quote]

Hehe, perhaps Kermit can be of help here, he should have learned enough Korean by now!!!

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Postby kaleyboy » Wed May 26, 2010 6:13 pm

I've just now started grabbing the pay-per-view movies. Pretty cheap, 5000 korean won (£3.00 UK) for 14 days veiwing. The koreans have truely done great things with their movies; if only countries like China & Taiwan could do something similar.

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Postby kaleyboy » Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:09 am

It's been awhile since I posted in this thread, so thought I'd report my progress. To the guys on here who asked to trade some of these movies, I have actually downloaded all the movies everyone wanted from KMDB. However, I'm currently in the process of moving house, so there'll be a delay before I can complete any trades. I sold my old place, and am living in smaller accomodation til my new house is ready to move into. This means that most of my stuff is now in storage 'cos there's just no space at the moment. Once I'm in my new place, I'll get round to completing everyone's trades. I have the movies all safe and secure. Also, this has meant a delay to all FuSubs projects. I have completed scripts for 2 movies but can't sub them yet. Hoping to move in next 1-2 weeks. Cheers.

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Postby Goldenswallow » Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:42 am

Thanks for the update Kaleyboy, and good luck with your move! Although we haven't spoken for a while I'm still interested in these films, let me know when you settled in mate.

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