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Username Change Request.

Postby Silver & Gold Dragon » Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:14 pm

[Quote=Pete Jr]Notice To All Members.....Jrcma has asked to change his Username to Silver & Gold Dragon.....This username change has been approved by me as senior administrator on FLK.[/Quote]
Thank you Pete
I've been thinking on & off of having a more readable name for years now lol, rather than initials which a lot of people seem to mix up the order. But I couldn't think of a good name for ages but couldn't think of anything good & just thought of too many. Think of White Haired Masters could think who's the best WHM but in the end I based it on "Silver & Gold Tiger"(2 FOX Villains one Golden & the other Silver hair)
played by Ma Yue-Fung as Silver Tiger & Lung Siu-Fei as Gold Tiger
[imgUploaded size=400|230]silver_&_gold_tiger3.jpg[/imgUploaded]
I guess 2 beats 1 & theyâ??re not in the film much so a slightly mysterious. & I see them as my favourite film characters. It has a lot do with the or Foxes & when I see them in KUNG FU OF 8 DRUNKARDS it's a bit they watching two Iwish these characters had their own film lol & also of course Dragon is a cool name all the way through I was think of something to do with Dragon.

[Quote=Chi Liu San]What did Jrcma mean anyway?
Just curious :|( [/Quote]
the first 3 letters are my initials James R(middle name) C(surname) & MA should for I beat you can guess........ Martial Arts.

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