Snake In The Monkeys Shadow (With Subs & Dub) ETF

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Snake In The Monkeys Shadow (With Subs & Dub) ETF

Postby Monkeygift » Sat Dec 24, 2011 11:04 am

Why should I care about anything you say?[/Quote]

- Yeah, why should you? If you didn't care you wouldn't answer but you did... lol

[Quote]You've put out one project which seemed to take you forever to do. People in glass houses should not throw stones.[/Quote]

- Here I have to correct you my dear Kaleyboy, it's not because I did 1 project with Houndslowteam that I didn't do other projects before. Check my account on ADC under CTEVE and you'll find at least 20 + projects with remastered pictures, subs etc...

[Quote]And where did I talk about a bad quality release in this thread? I was simply using the old release to compare against my new version (which was given away for FREE)[/Quote]

- You should read yourself again I think you forgot what you wrote already and the condescending tone you used.

[Quote]Stop trolling just to stir up further arguments![/Quote]

- Again, this goes back to my previous post "how ironic". Kaleyboy telling others not to troll LOL! that's the best one I've seen this year. It's like a thief telling you not to steal. Please Kaleyboy do us a favor and stop posting here, all your whining is not very constructive.

- Btw, you have 240 posts on this board, how many are positive??? And I do not count your introduction as positive.

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Postby kaleyboy » Sat Dec 24, 2011 11:35 am

Well I must quite popular judging by how many people here seem to write about me, lol. Again, I challenge you to show me where I mentioned anything about a bad release in THIS THREAD? Quote me to prove it, otherwise shut your face monkeyboy. And as caring about you, I care about defending myself when people like yourself (for your own motives) choose to dig up old threads and troll just to stir up arguments. What's the problem mate, santa not fetching you anything for crimbo this year, so you go on the internet to take it out on others?

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Postby rarebastard » Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:32 pm

this thread is a bit off key all of you are best served to back out gracefully as there is nothing to gain but one upmanship.

i think FLK have done a great job upgrading the old print with a wicked new project and that is the project they are currently selling. i think FLK are the only group that puts the effort in to upgrade projects let alone do it in the first place. they are the #1 as far as completed projects is concerned anyone else that wants the #1 spot has to go through FLK one way or another. let your work speak for itself as FLK has because tearing others down to build yourself up is not appealing and it does not make fans want to support your efforts. anyone can give away crap but to truely polarize the fans of the genre that we all are is special and we should all value it even if we can't lay claim to the work ourselves we all need each others support.

remember guys we are all fans and its hard enough to find these films in good quality lets not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

im not getting involed personaly just only 2 cents offered humbly. there is nothing more to say except have a happy holiday season and start the new year off with a positive note and lots of project for fans to enjoy so focus on the films guys :)

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Postby venomsfreak » Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:19 pm

Very nicely put Rarebastard, and on that note I think I'll close this thread permanently. There's nothing more to be said here.

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