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ifd films + others

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 4:33 pm
by jocky
hi maybe some of you can help me
i am searching for some ifd films
1-furious jumpboxer
2-fight the kickboxer
3-rings untouchables
4-official exterminator 5-enter the victory
6-kickboxing king
7-phoenix from shaolin
8-master samurai (eng dub or sub)
9-angels with golden guns
10-kickboxers final countdown
11-angels in hell
12-they call him chop suey

others wanted
1-child of peach
2-child of peach 2 ***got***
3-kung fu student
4-vengeance 95
5-angels 3
6-crocodile river
7-karate wars
8-crocodile men
9-elephant wife
10-the escaper
11-2 tigers

if anyone has any of them to trade
pm thanks
have large list to trade
regards jocky