Japanese cinema

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Japanese cinema

Postby Magnificent Disciple » Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:44 pm

As well as Kung fu cinema I have a keen interest in world cinema also. French, Spanish, Korean etc etc.

I seem to have accumulated quite a few Japanese films. From the Lone wolf & cub saga, Zatoichi or Sonny Chiba style films to the offkey style from directors such as Takeshi Kitano, Miike Takashi Shinya Tsukomoto (Tetsuo:The Iron man), i seem to
be hooked. I then stumbled across a film a few years back, a black & white period drama that went by the name of Chikamatsu Monogatari aka The crucified Lovers, made by a then unknown to me Kenji Mizoguchi.

Being extremely picky about the styles of films I like to watch I had believed it would just be a romantic weepy that would make say aaaah and oooh for a few seconds before I erased it from my memory.
I was so wrong!

Already a fan of Akira Kurasawa films I now found myself opened up to a whole new world of cinema excellence.

From there I learnt more about the masters of Japanese cinema (Kurosawa, Yasujiro & Mizoguchi) and I still find it a joy and pleasure getting through their films and so many that followed them also. So much of a joy I wanted to share and see if there are any other Japanese cinema fans out there?

Here is a few titles I would recommend

Akira Kurosawa-
Seven Samurai, Rashomon, Ikiru

Kenji Mizoguchi-
Sansho the bailiff, Ugetsu Monogatari, Life of Oharu

Yasujiro Ozu-
Tokyo story, A hen in the wind, Tokyo Twilight

Shohei Imamura-Vengeance is Mine,
The Eel, Ballad of Narayama

If anyone interested in anything I just wrote, holla back at your girl!|:o

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