Wolfguy Enraged...really bad or really good?

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Postby 66 Mantis » Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:08 am

Well now that this thread is two years old, I'll reply to it. ;)

I finally got a fan subbed copy (fullscreen and uncut from a T.V. broadcast) and for my money it's middle of the road. It's a fun film and definately wins the weirdness award, but I was disappointed by two things:
1) Chiba never actually turns into a werewolf! WTF? He is a decendant of a clan that has lycanthrope blood, but doesn't show it on the outside.
2) There's surprisingly little karate action which in a Chiba vehicle of the 70s, is unforgiveable.
Considering that my anticipation of this rarity was sky high, I was disappointed. Still, it's not a bad film by any means and worth a few bucks for the bootleg print.

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