Best of Real kung...

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Best of Real kung...

Postby peringaten » Sun Jul 31, 2011 2:15 am

What title says, Chinese kung fu styles, youtube video representation style...

Peking opera, etc., gets a lot of credit, but the real stuff, especially Southern is the true heart of shapes imo. The best characterised by strongly adept often deep & mobile stancework and much varied signifying handwork, there are a number of prominent variations, with similar roots.







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Postby peringaten » Sun Jul 31, 2011 2:35 am

Here's a much rarer, but very interesting Southern system, one I find fascinating...





There's a long Canto doc in like 17 parts or something on it with a lot of talking on youtube, but it shows some great conditioning, partner exercises & application work. A very effective looking style imo:

A lot to sit through tbh, 1st part, good stuff starts part 5...


Will update styles sporadically as time permits, looking for interesting vids, if possible away from the usual top youtube results - quality stuff.

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Postby peringaten » Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:35 pm

Yeah, I love the Southern stuff, that's what I do, but all styles are interesting. Choi Lee Fut is a mix of Southern & Northern. Most of the power in southern stuff comes from the legs; waist & stance. Body connection is the framework of handwork, power from the ground up. If someone just uses the hands without foundation that is poor technique imo. It is subtle to the eye, so often misjudged I think. Stancework is also there for offensive use, to jam the opponent's lower body. I think 'kicking' is just as important in southern as any other style, but the mechanics are often different to other styles.

Are there any vids of Phor Kune to add to thread Pete?
Would like to see some!

Only problem I have with age of style statements is the lack of verifiable info, for instance even my style Hung Kuen, many say dates back to Boddidarma arriving at Shaolin in 500 AD or so... problem is, it's all oral tradition & folklore, unverifiable - who knows the real factors of development when largely undocumented authoritatively, there must be so many unspoken contributory factors, mixtures of styles & input influencing - we can't trace hung kuen back for legit much further than Wong Fei Hung/Luk Ah Choy in the mid 1800s, even then most of WFH's info comes from his student Lam Sai Wing & last wife Mok Gwei Lan in the 20th C. We don't even have quantifiable proof of the man Hung Hei Goon (aka Hong Xi Guan) after whom the style was named other than oral tradition - he might even be a metaphorical creation. Even today, in line from Lam Sai Wing's students I can see even huge differences in each different lineage's approach - these will all grow and evolve in their own way from the base over time. Some will stay true, others might veer in a completely different direction. It's hard to decipher the mythical in any style.

Please add good Northern vids if you're up for it. Or anything - a lot of good kung fu vids out there.

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Postby peringaten » Sun Aug 21, 2011 3:27 am

Some Pek Kwar... (Canto trans; Manda comes out Piqua)... translates roughly as axe fist. This style was combined with monkey style tai shing to create "tai shing pek kwar" which is what Chen Kuan Tai practices. Videos below are just the pek kwar side without monkey addition...


Very interesting unique body movement imo, those axe fist movements look pretty useful, lots of interesting vids of the style on youtube, all pretty similar.
Here's one of a staff set from the system - put that full pelt chopping body movement with a weapon & it gets pretty nutty. Would not like to get hit with this:


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