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Crystal Fist aka Jade Claw

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:16 am
by SuperK
Crystal Fist is by far one of the most spectacular "Shapes" movies of its time. Billy Chong certainly made his name with this classic "Shapes" iconic movie with Simon Yuen aka "Samseed" as the old dirty master that teaches him a great new technique (Shadow Eagle Style) to overcome Chu Tiet Wo the "Double Phoenix Killer". This movie is quite an amazing feature with the two accomplices of Chu Tiet Wo played by Dai Sai Aan aka Addy Sung the "Blind man" and Brandy Yuen the "Deaf man". The sequential fight scenes with the "Blind Man" and "Deaf Man" are breathtaking and awesome in every sense of the words one can use to describe these scenes.

Thy not to expect an interesting story-line and just sit back and watch the superb fight scenes. For the fans that prefer original languages for this classic you are certainly in for a treat. The original languages give the movie a boost in terms of its superior quality fight scenes.