Double Dragon in Last Duel

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Double Dragon in Last Duel

Postby samtheseed » Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:50 pm

When his father is killed by a murderous martial arts expert looking to overpower the lucrative family business, a young warrior bides his time by learning the skills needed to seek ultimate revenge. A master martial artist assigned the task of escorting the government payroll, Kil is caught off guard during the job by a team of skilled criminals. Miraculously from death by a young fighter named Wang, Kil offers his gratitude to the heroic stranger by bringing him into the business as a trusted partner. Unaware that Wang is actually the leader of the violent gang who stole the payroll, Kil remains blissfully unaware as Wang plots to take over the profitable business. Later murdering Kil and his entire family while skillfully acquiring all of the businesses needed to turn a healthy profit, Wang makes the deadly mistake of allowing Kil's son Dragon to escape. Now, after years of training, Dragon has returned to seek retribution and ensure that the man who took his family from him suffers for the sins of his past.

The guy in this looks and acts just like Benny Tsui, i don't know if that's a good thing or not.
Not a classic, nor is it a B-grade movie, it lies somewhere in between.
Worth a viewing along with Incredible Shaoin Thunderkick.

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