New Shaolin Boxers

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New Shaolin Boxers

Postby samtheseed » Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:09 am

Thugs are terrorising a town. Leung kar-Yan is the head thug and Wang Lung-Wei is the boss, who incidentally rules with an iron fist (literally).

All the the townsfolk are too cowardly to do anything about it...In comes Alexander Fu Sheng.
Our have-a-go-hero fights the thugs till an inevitable showdown with Wang Lung-Wei. Fu Sheng bruised and beaten is saved by his teacher, who in turn shows Fu Sheng the way to combat the thugs...He takes him to a temple to learn Choy Li Fut from master Zhu (Chan Wai-Lau).

During his training, Fu Sheng's former teacher is killed by Lung-Wei and his iron fist.
Fu sheng's traing is complete and returns to town, only to hear of his teachers death.
With nothing but revenge on his mind, he decides to rid this one peaceful town of the thugs...Once and for all.

An enjoyable movie, worthy of a viewing at least.
"An eerie afterthought" whilst Fu Sheng is talking to his on-screen uncle...we hear his uncle say the the prophetical line, "This car will be the death of you"...EERIE or what?

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