Wu Dang (2012)

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Wu Dang (2012)

Postby samtheseed » Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:40 am

Starring: Vincent Zhao and Mini Yang.

I really wanted to enjoy this movie. But, there isn't anything here that reaches out and grabs your attention...I'll retract that part of the sentence, as the only thing that does grab your attention is the fabulous mountain scenes of Hubei.

Prof.Tang (Zhao) is an antiquities dealer on a quest to find the "Seven Treasures" hidden somewhere on Wu Dang Mt.
His daughter Ning (Xu Jiao) has a rare genetic disease which is terminal.
Professor Tang believes that, if all the "Seven Treasures" are gathered together-something miraculous will happen.

This is where the film skips into Indiana Jones Meets The Matrix mode. Slow motion wire-fu and gravity defying stunts.

I thought the introduction of the character Shui Heiyi (Fan Siu-Wong) would have spurred the movie on...alas, this was not to be. Not even when Shui had to learn the "Sleeping Fist" technique (remember Beardy doing this?).
The story bowls along at a steady pace-as does the action, but not fast enough to fill it's 100 minutes duration.

It may be worth RENTING! You may like this movie more than i did "To Each His Own".

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