White Butterfly Killer (1973)

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White Butterfly Killer (1973)

Postby samtheseed » Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:42 pm

Starring: Hsu Feng. Ang Fung. Yu Chung-Chiu. Chan Wai-Lau.

Hsu Feng is raped by six members of a gang...her grandfather is killed, the 7th member of the gang doesn't rape her-instead, he helps her by offering her $2 and a gold necklace, then lets her escape.
6 years later on Leopard Mountain we see 2 gangs fight over a previous robbery, one member runs away injured, he runs into an inn (Butterfly Inn) ran by Hsu Feng and 3 maids, the injured man doesn't realize at this point that the owner is the one he raped 6 years ago. Hsu Feng Exacts revenge, not before he tells her to keep a few rooms spare for his other friends arrival.
One by one they become embroiled in her savage wrath, her bitter revenge has a kill-or-be-killed attitude. The one who helped her turns out to be the gang leaders adopted son. Will he be spared?
Will she succeed in killing them all?

In conclusion: Hsu Feng does not possess any martial arts skills at all...yet this does not harm the movie. Ang Fung and Yu Chung-Chiu play their parts well enough, and Chan Wai-Lau must have used this this film as a learning curve, as he would go on to appear in one of my favorite movies BUTTERFLY 18. an above average movie with primitive looking hand-to-hand combat and a decent story. It's certainly worth watching.

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Postby SaritaLinda18 » Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:44 pm

Good review and a very good movie.

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