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Long Step Mantis

Postby samtheseed » Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:46 pm

I love sleeper hits, there is just something very pleasant about watching a movie that isn't widely acknowledged only to find that it is a good slice of kung fu action.

I'll be blunt in saying that this movie doesn't add anything new to the genre, it follows the same generic code as hundreds of kung fu comedy movies but don't let this put you off what is a quite fun little picture.

The story of our hero played by Mark Long revolves around his urge to learn kung fu, and when a secret manual finds it way into his hands, he learns the lot and manages to master the secret mantis technique. Problems start when killer Lung Fei arrives and starts taking heads! Our heroe's father is killed and he has to team up with the mantis master and his student for revenge.

The movie pans out at a good pace and the slapstick action is performed like most: inane slapstick style, slipping on banana skins etc. The action is really tight which is what makes this movie worth watching. On a personal level i love to see the use of animal styles and hand to hand trickery, mantis style being one of my favourite forms.

The end fight see's a master against villain and then later a two on one against the baddy. Throughout it's solid shapes on show all the time. Mark Long puts in a fun performance as the lead and shows his skills in every fight. If light comedy and good fights are what you for in your kung fu movies then this one most definitely delivers on these factors.

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