King Eagle

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King Eagle

Postby samtheseed » Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:06 am

Ti Lung plays a loner swordsman named Jin Fei (aka King Eagle) who, despite being one of the best fighters in the martial world, minds his own business and avoids fights whenever possible.

One day, Jin Fei crosses paths with an injured man, who had just escaped a group of attackers. Though barely alive, the man manages to pass on secret information about how the leader of the Tien Yi Tong clan was betrayed and murdered by Hung Sing-tien (Cheung Pooi-saan), the clanâ??s second in command.

Knowing heâ??s going to die any second, the man urges Jin Fei to deliver his crucial message to the rest of the Tien Yi Tong clan; but just as Jin Fei is about to ignore the situation and walk off, the gang of attackers (Hung Sing-tienâ??s men) show up and suspect that their victim might have â??talkedâ? to Jin Feiâ?¦

Thereâ??s a lot more to King Eagle, but basically the movie revolves around the act of betrayal, revenge, and surprisingly, love. Yes, thereâ??s a romantic subplot revolving Jin Fei falling for a woman named Yuk Lin, played by Li Ching. Oddly, Li Ching has a dual role â?? both as Jin Feiâ??s love ineterest, and as Yuk Linâ??s evil younger sister, who works under the notorious Hung Sing-tien.

Everything from the costumes, set designs and just the overall look, are fantastic. And for being a film from 1970, they managed to do a great job with the camera effects when the two Li Chings appeared on the screen together.

King Eagle has enough action (featuring a solid choreography job by Tong Gaai and Yuen Cheung Yan) and for the most part, flows along at a decent pace.

Some people may be used to those good old Chang Cheh endings; you know, long bloody fights, heroes dying very slowly and painfully.
Here, Ti Lung mounts his horse and rides off into the sunset.

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Postby SaritaLinda18 » Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:23 pm

A superb movie, I really enjoyed it when I watched it !!!

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