Movies I want to get rid of

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Movies I want to get rid of

Postby SaritaLinda18 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:38 am

Hi, everybody,

Here are three lists of movies I have in double for different reasons and I want to get rid of ; if anyone is interested in some titles, let me know, please.

A) The Shaw Brothers' ones, English dubbed :

1) Slice of death
2) 5 superfighters (I keep the cover, sorry)
3) The trail of the broken blade
4) Master of disaster
5) Flag of iron (I keep the cover, sorry)
6) All men are brothers
7) Naval commandos (I keep the cover, sorry)
8) Heaven and hell
9) Five tough guys
10) Kid with a tattoo
11) Master of kung fu
12) 7 man army
13) Shaolin rescuers
14) 5 elements ninja
15) 3 evil masters
16) Shaolin daredevils
17) Ten tigers from Kwantung
18) The delightful forest
19) Lion vs lion
20) Avenging eagle (I keep the cover, sorry)
21) Empress Dowager dvd-r subbed
22) Magnificent ruffians
23) Brave archer 1
24) Angry guest (I keep the cover, sorry)
25) House of traps
26) Magnificent wanderers (I keep the cover, sorry)
27) Killer army
28) Masked avengers (I keep the cover, sorry)
29) Water margin (idem)
30) Killer constable (I keep the cover, sorry)

B) Other titles English dubbed or subbed or Chinese language or French subbed :

1) The stomp dvd-r
2) Breakout from oppression
3) One-armed swordswoman Chinese only
4) Fong Sai Yuk 2 (region 3)
5) Carry on wise guy 2 items (the second is called The warrior from Shaolin)
6) Inspector wears skirts 2 English subbed or French subbed
7) The chase dvd-r
8) Green jade statuette (I keep the cover, sorry)
9) One man army
10) Sensitivity man series in vcd format no English subtitles 20 discs
11) Kung fu emperor (no box, was in a boxset with other movies)
12) He has nothing but kung fu (same comment)
13) Eunuch of the Western Palace 2 items, one comes without the box for the same reason as 11)
14) Revengeful swordswoman (idem as 11))
15) Seven promises (idem) + another one (but I keep the cover for the second one, sorry)
16) Revenge of the shaolin master (idem as 11))
17) Tiger hill dvd-r, fair print
18) Gambling for gold dvd-r 2 items fair/good print
19) Sword of hate dvd-r 2 items fair/good print
20) Black and white swordsman dvd-r
21) The fierce fist dvd-r
22) Kagero French subbed
23) Queen boxer
24) Jade dagger ninja French dubbed, but cut
25) Iron monkey (Chen Kuan Tai)
26) 6 directions of boxing
27) Red lotus vs lama (I keep the cover, sorry)
28) Invincible obssessed fighter
29) Fatal needles vc fatal fists
30) One-armed swordsman vs 9 killers
31) The leg fighters (I keep the cover, sorry)
32) Kung fu of eight drunkards
33) Magnificent natural fists
34) 72 desperate rebels
35) The rebel boxer (Fourth strike version)
36) Tigresses French dubbed version
37) The young dragons Koysales, subbed

C) Shaw Brothers' vcds :

1)Wandering swordsman vcd
2) Sword stained with royal blood vcd
3) Killers five vcd
4) Vengeance is a golden blade vcd
5) The vengeful beauty vcd
6) Killer darts vcd
7) The invincible fist vcd
8) Dragon swamp Malaysian vcd
9) A deadly secret Malaysian vcd
10) A taste of cold steel vcd 2 items, one is still sealed
11) Human lanterns vcd
12) Golden swallow vcd
13) Cave of the silken web vcd 2 items
14) Land of many perfumes vcd 2 items
15) Heroes of Sung vcd
16) Eight diagram pole fighter vcd
17) That fiery girl vcd
18) Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung vcd 2 items
19) Pursuit of a killer vcd 2 items
20) My rebellious son Thai vcd, Thai language only
21) King Eagle Malaysian vcd
22) Crimson charm Malaysian vcd
23) Ambitious kung fu girl vcd
24) Guess who killed my twelve lovers vcd
25) Sexy girls of Denmarkvcd
26) On the wrong track (Malaysian vcd)
27) Rat catcher vcd
28) A cause to kill Malaysian vcd
29) Five billion dollar legacy (Malaysian vcd)
30) Kidnap vcd
31) Drunken monkey vcd
32) Invincible enforcer (Malaysian vcd)
33) Big Brother Cheng dvd still sealed
34) Marco Polo Malaysian vcd
35) Family light affair vcd
36) Emperor Chien Lung and the beauty vcd
37) The tea house vcd
38) The merry wife vcd
39) Lady General Hua Mulan vcd
40) Inside the Forbidden City vcd
41) Princess Iron Fan vcd
42) The lizard vcd
43) A place to call home vcd
44) Vermilion door vcd
45) Price of love vcd
46) Moonlight serenade (Malaysian vcd)
47) Two con men vcd
48) Love swindlers vcd
49) The pure and the evil vcd
50) We love millionaires vcd
51) Sunset vcd
52) Till the end of time vcd
53) Trail of the broken blade vcd
54) Golden Buddha vcd

55) The duel of the century Malaysian vcd
56) Love parade dvd IVL region 3 English, Chinese, Bahasia subbed still sealed
57) Flight man vcd
58) Village of tigers vcd
59) Unfinished melody (Malaysain vcd)
60) The younger generation vcd
61) Farewell my love vcd
62) The millionaire chase vcd
63) Whose baby is in the classroom vcd
64) Destinyâ??s champion vcd
65) Sweet and wild vcd
66) Young lovers on flying wheels vcd
67) Fallen petals dvd region 3 still sealed
68) On the wrong track Malaysian vcd
69) Invincible enforcer Malaysian vcd
70) Magnificent swordsman vcd
71) Winged tiger vcd
72) Rape of the sword vcd
73) Empress Wu vcd
74) Brotherhood vcd
75) The brothers vcd
76) The condemned vcd
77) The eunuch vcd
78) Flying guillotine 2 Malaysian vcd
79) Itâ??s all in the family vcd
80) Kid with a tattoo vcd
81) Melody of love vcd
82) Tales of larceny vcd
83) The singing killer dvd-r
84) Venusâ?? tear diamond vcd
85) That man in Chang-An vcd
86) Challenge of the gamesters dvd-r
87) Tiger killer
88) The enchantress
89) The thundering sword
90) The web of death
91) New tales of the flying fox
92) The silent love

Thanks for paying attention.

I think that more titles are to come for the third list...

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Postby SaritaLinda18 » Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:14 pm

5 superfighters and The leg fighters are sold, as well as Pursuit of a killer.

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