did my order + paypal arrive ?

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did my order + paypal arrive ?

Postby raddie » Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:30 pm

i am writing from germany and i hope, you understand me and my school-english ?

i have some difficulties to order the DVD "Queen Boxer aka The Avenger aka Fearless Karate Girl".

One paying in the past i had quitted, because PP said, "not accepted".
so i make a storno and order it again.
the paying goes to ramzi1957, is this right ?
Rechnungsnummer: 2795-1360505898-522
Transaktionscode: 4RJ43045H6105680D

i hope with crossed fingers, the DVD will arrive to me,
because i WANT this film so badly in this GREAT quality, as you described.
this film is worthy !

did it successfully arrived now ?
it would be nice, if you can send me an email about the status.

greetings from germany !

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